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Could Dominique Archie Petition for a Sixth Year of Eligibility?

Dominique Archie's knee surgery went well and he should make a full recovery. Now, we get to wait and see if he will, and will successfully, apply for a sixth year of eligibility for medical hardship:

Archie could petition the NCAA for a sixth season of eligibility based on his injury. It is not yet known if he will do that.

I think that Archie, who had only played in four games before getting hurt, would be successful if he chooses to petition. The question is whether or not he wants to. Archie still has a lot to prove if he wants to play in the NBA, especially after this injury. However, he can make his case either here, Europe, or in U. S. developmental leagues, and after what he's gone through this year, one couldn't blame him if he doesn't want to risk another injury before he has the opportunity to make some money off of his talents. On the other hand, with a big recruiting class coming in, 2010-11 could be a good year for the 'Cocks, especially if Archie returns. That may hold some weight with him, just as it did with he and Devan Downey last offseason.

Whatever happens, I wish Archie luck. He's always been a great Gamecock.