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SEC Hoops Power Poll Results: January 10-16

Here are the results for this week's poll. Some notable changes include Tennessee's rising after their win over Kansas and blowout of Auburn, Mississippi State's rising after beating Ole Miss and Arkansas, South Carolina closing the gap on the middle after handling Auburn and LSU, and Georgia separating itself from the bottom dwellers after consistently competitive play against good teams.

1. Kentucky Wildcats (unanimous) 156

2. Tennessee Volunteers 141

3. Mississippi St. Bulldogs 123

4. Vanderbilt Commodores 119

5. Mississippi Rebels 106

6. Florida Gators 86

7. Alabama Crimson Tide 78

8. South Carolina Gamecocks 75

9. Georgia Bulldogs 52 (unanimous)

10. LSU Tigers 28

11. Arkansas Razorbacks 27

12. Auburn Tigers 23

See what the voters had to say after the jump.


They are 10th in rebounding margin, but third in the SEC in assist/turnover ratio. Mikhail Torrance (16ppg) and JaMychal Green (15.1ppg) lead the Tide in scoring and both are shooting better than 50%.--Alligator Army

Anthony Grant has 'Bama ahead of schedule.--Leftover Hot Dog


The hottest seat in the SEC belongs to John Pelphrey right now.--ACC & SEC Blog

What will happen first - the end of the world in 2012 or the Hog's next SEC road win? Actually, their fine effort in Starkville indicates better times may be around the corner.--Arkansas Expats


Will Lebo be there to christen the new arena?--Alabama Basketball Blog

Hard to see how this team gets to six wins this year, especially shooting like they did against the Gamecocks.--A Sea of Blue


This is why this team was picked to finish near the bottom of the East. They'll be inconsistent all year.--Ghost of Chucky

Gutsy performance against much superior team, resulting in a tough loss but a moral victory....wait, this isn't Georgia?--A Bulldog in Exile


Played well in losses to UK and Ole Miss. Three of their next four are on the road and their one home game is against UT. The Dogs could be 0-6 in the league by February.--Alligator Army

Two close losses to upper tier SEC teams. Opposing teams overlook the Bulldogs at their own peril.--Anchor of Gold


Don't think we have to explain this.--Leftover Hot Dog

The Georgia game makes them seem vulnerable, but they continue to have the annoying habit of learning how to win tough games without actually losing one.--Rocky Top Talk


I expected LSU to be better this year.  Johnson has a matchup with his protege Fox this weekend.--The ACC & SEC Blog

Methinks the LSU pharmacology squad has been spending too much time with the D-Line and not enough time with the Frontcourt.--Save the Shield

Mississippi State

Jarvis Varnado rejected me ranking the Bullddogs at only number three.--The ACC & SEC Blog

Rounding into form after a mediocre pre-conference campaign.--A Sea of Blue

Ole Miss

Bounced back against Georgia. Has a chance to bounce back even stronger on Saturday in Knoxville.--Ghost of Chucky

This team needs to take care of their defensive glass.  They are 300th in DR%, and the MSU Bulldogs exploited that weakness.--A Sea of Blue

South Carolina

The East dark horse has a chance to go to 3-0 in the SEC with a win against Vandy on Saturday. Guard Devan Downey leads the SEC with 20.1ppg.--Alligator Army

Certain pygmy tribes actually have a taller starting five than the Gamecocks's though Carolina does have some bulk on the Hobbits.--Save the Shield


It is a tragedy that Lane Kiffin has taken time and energy away from the fantastic story of this depleted team playing so well.  Three games in, this team is inexplicably better than they were in Dec.--Rocky Top Talk

The win over Kansas was as an impressive job coaching as I have ever seen.--A Bulldog in Exile


Free throws? We don't need no stinkin' free throws. Shaq didn't need free throws. In 2008 Memphis didn't need... um, OK, they needed one free throw.--Save the Shield

2-0 in conference play. If this team gets hot, they can beat anyone in the SEC.--Ghost of Chucky