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SEC Hoops Power Poll Results: February 21-27


1. Kentucky Wildcats 120 (unanimous)

2. Vanderbilt Commodores 110 (unanimous)

3. Tennessee Volunteers 100 (unanimous)

4. Florida Gators 89

5. Mississippi St. Bulldogs 81

6. Arkansas Razorbacks 68

7. Mississippi Rebels 59

8. South Carolina Gamecocks 52

9. Georgia Bulldogs 34

10. Auburn Tigers 29

11. Alabama Crimson Tide 28

12. LSU Tigers 10 (unanimous)

See what everyone had to say after the jump.


How many second half leads can this team blow in the final couple of weeks?--Alabama Basketball Blog

Anthony Grant is a couple of players away from having a good team.  Too bad those players are probably in the NBA right now.--A Bulldog in Exile


Will become yet another 9-7 SEC team that fails to make the tournament.--Rocky Top Talk

Nothing would surprise us about the Hogs' record over their final four games. Not 0-4. Not 4-0 (OK - maybe 4-0 would surprise us a little). This is an improving team facing a tough remaining schedule.--Arkansas Expats


Jeff Lebo's charges are just playing for pride now, and capable of pulling some upsets.  I'm looking at you, Razorbacks.--A Sea of Blue

Still in the top-50 of scoring nationally. Not bad for a 4-8 SEC record.--Alligator Army


The Gators look to have the best chance of getting the fourth bid from the conference.--ACC & SEC Blog

Looks to be putting it all together just in time to earn a bid after a two-year absence.--Roll Bama Roll


Can the Dawgs make the NIT? Not unless they significantly improve their guard play.  Or shoot 65%+ from the field down the stretch.--A Bulldog in Exile

Flying high with a win over the Tide, but the trip to Nashville is likely to end badlly.--A Sea of Blue


There's no way a team that lives this dangerously finishes with only one loss.  Either in Knoxville or in the SEC Tournament, someone is going to get them.--Alabama Basketball Blog

Clearly the best in the SEC, but the loss at South Carolina and down to the wire games at Mississippi State and Vanderbilt shows that they are still a young team.--Alligator Army


Just go ahead and default my bracket as having LSU in the #12 spot for the remainder of the season.--ACC & SEC Blog

Had their chance against MSU but only four more chances remain to avoid an ugly distinction.--Roll Bama Roll

Mississippi State

The Bulldogs seem to forget there is some basketball to play.--Leftover Hot Dog

They let a golden opportunity slip away against Kentucky. In a very bad SEC West, they still look like the best team.--Alabama Basketball Blog

Ole Miss

Falling apart at just the wrong time. Looked like a sure thing to dance for a while but now the NIT seems likely.--Roll Bama Roll

Gotta hold home court when you are going for a NCAA bid, especially when your visitor is trying to accomplish the same.--ACC & SEC Blog

South Carolina

South Carolina is falling apart.  Can they hold on to an NIT bid?  A three-game skid with the 'Cats on deck is not a good place to be.--A Sea of Blue

How long did we talk about Devan Downey being SEC player of the year? He is still a great player, but John Wall's play at Vandy on Saturday knocked Downey out. SC losing 4 of 5 didn't help either.--Alligator Army


An almost-lock, but with Florida, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Mississippi State left, plenty of room for movement.--Rocky Top Talk

The Vols seem to be one player away from being better this year. That's you Tyler.--Leftover Hot Dog


Very impressed with their defense, despite the loss, against Kentucky.--Rocky Top Talk

The 'Dores will be the toughest five seed in the NCAA tourney.--A Bulldog in Exile