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SEC Hoops Power Poll Results: February 14-20


The results from this week's poll are below. Points to notice include Vanderbilt's assumption of a stranglehold on the second spot and Mississippi St.'s rise in the rankings after a strong week. Florida and Ole Miss drop a bit after struggling this week. The rest is generally the same, with the good teams winning, the mediocre winning some and losing some, and the bad being bad. The exception would be Tennessee, who lost twice but stayed the at third, the losses coming against UK and VU.

1. Kentucky Wildcats 108 (unanimous)

2. Vanderbilt Commodores 99 (unanimous)

3. Tennessee Volunteers 88

4. Mississippi St. Bulldogs 75

5. Florida Gators 69

6. Mississippi Rebels 65

7. Arkansas Razorbacks 55

8. South Carolina Gamecocks 49

9. Alabama Crimson Tide 35

10. Georgia Bulldogs 30

11. Auburn Tigers 20

12. LSU Tigers 9 (unanimous)

See what the voters had to say after the jump.


The Tide got a good win versus Arkansas but will need a few more for a NIT berth.--Leftover Hot Dog

Gutted out a tough win against the Hawgs, but this team just doesn't take care of their defensive boards.--A Sea of Blue


It's hard to believe that a 13-12 team is still atop (at least on paper) the SEC West .  It's peculiar that they could come into the SEC Tournament No 1, and unless they win it all, could get the NIT.--VolNation Blog

Courtney Fortson has the suddenly resurgent Hawgs surprisingly at the top of the West.  Can they continue and shock the world with an NCAA bid?--A Sea of Blue


Still theoretically in the SEC West race. Unfortunately that isn't really saying anything at this point.--Anchor of Gold

They are 47th nationally in scoring with 75.7 points per game. So that's cool.--Alligator Army


A loss to Xavier could hurt them come seeding time for NCAA tourney, which they should make if they do not let the loss linger.--Leftover Hot Dog

Why did they schedule Xavier during the middle of conference play? That's the type of game you book-end with cupcakes earlier in the year.--Anchor of Gold


Georgia would probably be the best team if they played in the SEC West.--Vanderbilt Spots Line

If Georgia had some decent guard play, they would be a tournament team.  Alas, they don't.--A Sea of Blue


The Wildcats are the only team in the top-5 of scoring and scoring defense in SEC play. It's not just John Wall, you know.--Alligator Army

I am still in disbelief that 24,000 showed up for ESPN Game Day.--Leftover Hot Dog


Despite testing the Commodores at home, playing Auburn might be there only shot at getting a conference win.--Vanderbilt Sports Line

LSU is beginning to convince me that we need a handicap system like they have in golf.  The Tigers just plain suck.--VolNation Blog

Mississippi St.

Big game vs. Kentucky Tuesday is the only remaining "L" Kenpom has penciled in for the Bulldogs currently.--Anchor of Gold

Their four losses in the SEC have all been on the road and by single digits. Defeating UK on Feb. 16 would get the Bulldogs back in the tournament picture.--Alligator Army

Ole Miss

Second in the league in offense, but 10th in defense.  That way leads to inconsistency.--A Sea of Blue

Who'da thunk it?  The Rebels still have a chance to get an NCAA bid, and Andy Kennedy didn't assault anyone this week.--VolNation Blog

South Carolina

The Gamecocks have begun telling themselves the NIT is a good option.--Leftover Hot Dog

Allows opponents to get 38% OR, and can't get to the line.  They can beat anybody on a given night, but those nights aren't coming often enough.--A Sea of Blue


The Vols lost to the two best teams in the SEC this week.  Still in 3rd place in my view.--Leftover Hot Dog

Did not look good on the road at Vandy and UK. They get Georgia this week who embarrassed the Vols with a 15 point win in Athens in January.--Alligator Army


All those doubting the Commodores should dissipate if the Commodores knock off Kentucky in Memorial.--Vanderbilt Sports Line

For Vandy, the real question is whether they have a chance at catching the Wildcats.  Somehow, I doubt it.  Which sucks for the Dores considering this is one of the best teams they've had in years.--VolNation Blog