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When Steve Spurrier wants to read the internet, someone prints it out for him

As you might have guessed, the Head Ball Coach has not devoted much time to learning how to access mobile-friendly #content.

Steve Spurrier, probably contemplating the latest shareable content on the world wide web
Steve Spurrier, probably contemplating the latest shareable content on the world wide web

When you have a South Carolina Gamecocks blog that is read by a fairly large number of people, the mind tends to wander and contemplate hypotheticals such as "What are the odds that Steve Spurrier has visited the site -- even just once?" After all, we've penned several fairly ridiculous posts about the Head Ball Coach. At some point, someone must have said, "Hey, Coach. This is just weird enough that you might want to look at it."

Don't get me wrong. We're not so vain -- or mistaken about the nature of Steve Spurrier -- to think that it's likely that he's logged on to the Information Superhighway and decided to head on over to Garnet And Black Attack, but there is at the very least a non-zero probability that this has happened at some point.

Or so we thought.

In some ways, Spurrier is about as old-school as it gets. Both his wife and longtime football operations director, Jamie Speronis, aren't sure how many times Spurrier has turned on a computer by himself. If he wants to read something on the Internet, Speronis is generally the one who prints it out for him. 

In the corner of Spurrier's office, he has a stack of old play-by-play sheets from games going back who knows how many years, and he can get to the one he wants in a matter of seconds.

Even though he owns an iPhone, nobody is really sure if he knows how to use it. He's still rocking the old flip phone.

[prints out garnet and black attack dot com, mails it to Williams-Brice Stadium]

In his quarterly "Spurrier's still having a blast coaching football" article for, Chris Low also coaxed some interesting details out of the Head Ball Coach, which add to our understanding of his unique nicknaming practices.

Toward the end of spring practice this year, sophomore receiver Pharoh Cooper looked back too early on a pass route, prompting Spurrier, the son of a Presbyterian minister, to pipe up, ‘Pharoh, you know what happens when you look back?' "

In the Book of Genesis in the Bible, Lot's wife looked back on Sodom and became a pillar of salt.

"He does a really good job of relating to whoever you are," [Dylan] Thompson said. "I'm a Christian, and any time he can relate a Bible story to something we're doing, he'll do it. He'll call Kane Whitehurst ‘Abel' sometimes, off-the-wall stuff, and you think he's crazy."

Bless you, Stephen Orr Spurrier.