Let's get one thing straight...Kentucky has had their way with Gamecock football. The Golden age of Kentucky football has been built on the backs of mediocre Gamecock teams of the last decade. Every year, Kentucky comes in the season with one thought...BEAT SC! And when you schedule Western Kentucky, Toledo, Louisville, and Bowling Green every year in addition playing Vandy, you guarantee yourself a bowl if you can beat SC. And for 7 out of the last 8 or so years, they've done that.

We're their Alabama. Let that sink in. How pathetic. Kentucky (and for that matter Missouri) measures themselves against us. There is an uneasy respect between SC and Missouri, some would call them a rival. We don't respect Kentucky. And they should not be respected. They dont deserve football. Losing every year, but 1 to UK is what really got Muschamp fired.

South Carolina is a better football program than Kentucky. I mean Calipari called their school, and I quote "a Basketball School". Ladies and gentlemen, Calipari has as many National Titles as Dawn Staley and you won't catch Dawn saying that. There is no comparison to our program to Kentucky, the last decade notwithstanding.

So for Mark Stoops to come in and throw shade at Shane Beamer (see what I did there) is baffling to me. I don't care if it's Culture or Climate, Shane has changed it in one year. For Mark Stoops to run his yap about Shane is more egregious than what Saban or Jimbo did. The disrespect can not be stood for.

This year, and I'm talking to you Shane, Spencer, Sattefield and anyone else who name starts with an S... I want a 50 burger on Stupid Stoops. No exceptions. I want Colton Gauthier to be throwing into the end zone late in the 4th quarter. It is time to bury Kentucky football once and for all. Stoops should have been fired from there 5 years ago like all the other Kentucky coaches. I want reporters questioning our Sportsmanship after the game, and I want Stoops face to look like the US flag, turning red, then white with that stupid Blue hat on his head. ENOUGH OF LOSING TO KENTUCKY!

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