A Special Teams weekend

I write this after viewing the LSU vs. FSU game. It was truly a Special teams weekend. If you stayed up and watch the game, you know what I'm talking about. LSU was in position to win, and ironically, FSU wins off of a blocked extra point. However, there were two muffed punt returns and I believe another missed FG attempt. LSU lost by one point. This of course wasn't the only game decided by Special Teams play. ECU lost to NC State, champions of the Atlantic division in the ACC, by missing two kicks. The UNC vs App State game was a special teams melt down. Punts were returned for TD's and big returns, with the deciding factor being missed two point coversions.

What's the point? The Gamecocks Special teams was special. Two blocks punts for Touchdowns. Two Field Goals from over 50 yards, Good. A 79 yard punt. All of this against a well coached Georgia State team that was ready to play. The defense did its job. The offense, left a little to be desired. But let's not overlook the job Special Teams played. And while we all are worried about the Offensive Line, the Special Teams are in mid-season form, and the reason for the win. Is this sustainable? Depends on what you mean by sustainable. If you mean, "are we going to block two punts for TD's every game", then no. But if you mean fundamentally sound play from the third phase of the game, then yes. From game winning FG kicks, key returns, or just a punt that flips the field, the Gamecocks are playing winning football. Once the offense catches up, this could not only the a Special Teams weekend, but a Special season.

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