SEC Football Team Rankings

1. Georgia – Looks like it could be back-to-back Championships for the dogs from Athens. The stretch from the WLOCP to the Kentucky game Nov. 19th is the meat of the schedule. Three of those teams are ranked right now, and two of those have good offenses (Tenn. and Miss State).

2. Alabama – The game against Texas did not look good in any form, at least until the last minute. There are plenty to work on in Tuscaloosa right now. The game against Arkansas on Oct. 1st might decide the SEC West.

3. Arkansas – I’m ranking them here because their win over Cincinnati to me was the better win than Kentucky over Florida. That might be the case in a few weeks, but here it is.

4. Kentucky – I have to say that I don’t think this Kentucky team is that great right now. They know who they are, and that is all that matters right now. They will be getting pieces back in a few weeks, so they could become a little more dangerous.

5. Tennessee – That was a gutsy win against Pitt. It was against a one legged back up QB though, so there were some points deducted for difficulty. Still, not sure who beats them right now from the teams below them.

6. Miss State – The Memphis game was a revenge game for them, and the Arizona game might look better later this year… or it might look like they should have beat them by 50. You never know what you are going to get from Mike Leach. Rodgers is a really good college QB though, so they have a shot in any game.

7. Ole Miss – They haven’t lost. The win against Troy isn’t anything to sneeze at since other SEC schools are losing to SunBelt teams. They need to stick with a quarterback and hope they are enough to start putting more points on the scoreboard.

8 – 10 – Throw South Carolina, Florida, and LSU in a hat a pick one to be in any order. They are all 1-1. Florida shouldn’t have beaten Utah, but they did. LSU should have beat Florida State, but they didn’t. South Carolina can’t stop the run again. These teams all have flaws but can win with the right set of circumstances on any Saturday.

11. Auburn – Just because they are 2-0 right now. The Penn State game will be interesting to see how they play against a middle of the road B1G team.

12. Vanderbilt – Wake Forest isn’t a bad loss especial with Sam Hartman at QB. A lot of teams would take 2-1 after 3 weeks. South Carolina fans certainly would.

13. Texas A&M – This really isn’t so much about losing to App State. South Carolina did it a couple of years ago. It’s the fact that offensive guru Jimbo Fisher has no offense this year. You beat Miami and Arkansas the next couple of weeks, and you will move up.

14. Missouri – You suck. You let a cast-off Nebraska QB beat you like it was easy. Plus, you are in the fake Columbia, and no one who pulls for South Carolina likes any of your teams. I’ll move you out of the cellar if you beat Auburn in 2 weeks.

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