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A collection of stories about the Clemson Tigers, a proud athletics program whose head coach never does anything remotely embarrassing.

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Clemson's Ray-Ray McCloud celebrates TD too early

#LOLClemson at its peak. (On another note, certainly the #2 team in the country shouldn't be struggling to put away mighty Troy, right?)

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Clemson Dabo Dollars and Complacency

Dabo Gets Paid, Still Doesn't Want Player Stipends

Let's revisit that unfortunate thing Dabo Swinney said that one time in light of his shiny new $30 million dollar contract.

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Elliott Fry trolls Clemson fans with "real Death Valley" dig

That's the #FREISMAN we know and love.

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Let's watch a Clemson fan lose his mind on College GameDay

Presented without comment.

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D.J. Swearinger did the most Swagg thing to Tajh Boyd three years ago

We're not sure to classify this as #LOLClemson, #SWAGGFLU, or something else (our own Chicken Hoops called it the greatest story ever told), but three years ago seems like a long, long time ago.

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Dabo Swinney sports "Straight Outta Clemson" T-shirt

...I don't know. When I think "hood", I don't really think Clemson. Maybe Dabo does, but whatever.

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Clemson fans selling fake Howard's Rock hats for $29.99

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Notice anything out of the ordinary on Clemson's practice field?


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Dabo roasted by John Oliver

The Last Week Tonight host takes the NCAA to tasks, but highlights specifically some stupid things said by Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney.

Dabo: 'Clemson is 0-2 vs. Clemson'

No team has done a better job of exploiting Clemson's weaknesses than Clemson.

Help us remember funny Clemson things

Clemson finds itself in a lot of embarrassing situations. It's past time we made a bona fide commitment to documenting every single one of them.

Clemson fan vandalizes Williams-Brice again

This is all they have, you guys, so we should probably just let them have it.

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Clemson boots quarterback Chad Kelly

The nephew of Pro Football Hall of Famer Jim Kelly is gone after two colorful seasons with the Tigers.

Clemson installs South Carolina countdown clocks

Clemson installs clocks counting down seconds to 2014 South Carolina game.

Spurrier responds to Dabo's BCS bowl comment

The best thing about Dabo saying something ridiculous is that Steve Spurrier is almost certainly going to react to it.

Game time, TV station announced for non-rivalry

The #TessEffect might be in play when Clemson travels to Williams-Brice stadium to play South Carolina in one of the nation's most underrated non-rivalries.

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Clemson fan arrested for Howard's Rock vandalism

University authorities believe they've nabbed the man behind the college football vandalism of the year. And he's a Clemson fan.

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Look to the Tiger, Dabo

The eye of the Dabo looking at the eye of the tiger.

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Cow drumline

Behold Atlanta.

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Marcus Lattimore rally videos

Steve Spurrier was quoted as taking time away from a rally in honor of injured star Marcus Lattimore's birthday in order to trash Clemson and Dabo Swinney, which had expressed goodwill towards the South Carolina back. It actually wasn't that bad.

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Dabo Swinney ticket leads to firing, officer says

A South Carolina police officer said that he was unjustly fired for giving Clemson Tigers head coach Dabo Swinney a ticket in September.

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West Virginia Vs. Clemson Recap, Orange Bowl 2012: The Numerical

The stats that mattered in West Virginia's 70-33 destruction of Clemson in last night's Discover Orange Bowl, from Geno Smith's near-perfection, to a second quarter apocalypse, to Orange Bowl defensive battles.

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