Week 5 AP Poll Review

It was certainly good to see a decent offensive showing for once this year. Not saying SC will score more than 50 points the rest of year, but it was fun to watch. Marshawn Lloyd’s hurdle and score was the highlight of the night. Rucker’s TD catch was a close second in my opinion. This team still needs some work, and they need to get healthy too.


Georgia lost 4 first place votes over the weekend. The still have 87% of the first-place votes. That is down from 93.6% last week. Where would Georgia be without all everything TE Brock Bowers today? I think as defensive coordinators take the first 4 weeks into consideration of future game plans, just put 4 people on him and see if the rest of the team can beat you. Just kidding, but I would suggest at least 2 defenders every play.

Alabama was not having anything to do with Vanderbilt Saturday night. 55-3, what did Clark Lea ever do to Nick Saban? Alabama was playing that game with as much focus as Saban and Young have with all their commercials. I bet acting in the commercials was harder for them both. I do like the Spurrier Heisman House commercials though. Those young guys don’t know how good they have it now a days.

Ohio State picked up 3 first-place votes after whooping Wisconsin. Not sure that will be that big of a deal later in the year. The B1G really needs to get their divisions better aligned than they have it right now. The only decent team in the West is Minnesota. We will talk a little about them later in this Fan Post.

Michigan is still number four after getting past a hurt Maryland team. Really, Michigan was a botched kick off away from losing the game. If the Maryland player catches the first kickoff cleanly, who know what could have happened in that game. It is hilarious that you only see Michigan highlights when they show that game. I was surprised to see that the game was actually that close. Looking at the highlights would lead you to think Maryland got blown out.

The Denver Broncos just hired a guy to manage in game situations for the head coach. While that is pretty embarrassing, it might have worked last night? Why am I bringing his up? Well, because Clemson might have lost the game against Wake Forest if someone had told Clawson to ply to win the game at the end of regulation. And everyone has seen how some people were after the game from the family side of Clemson. I’m sure those Wake Forest fans were very rude to the Clemson family members during the whole game. Good luck with your top 10 match up with NC State this week.

Southern Cal moves up 1 spot to number six after leaving Corvallis with a win. I mean, Oregon State did beat Boise State earlier this year. So Southern Cal can say they beat a team that beat a team this year. Washington State had to go and lose to Oregon last Saturday to take some luster off that game in a few weeks. Don’t overlook that coach less 1-3 team in Arizona State this Saturday though. Don’t let this be the Pac 12 after dark game everyone is talking about next week.

Kentucky moves up 1 after a tougher than anticipated run in with Northern Illinois. Another 1-3 juggernaut that Vanderbilt managed to beat by 10 points. I guess we are saying that Vanderbilt is 2 points better than Kentucky right now. I mean, it’s good that Kentucky is getting "free pay" Rodriguez back this week ahead of the Ole Miss game. I’m sure that whole situation is swept under the rug of great culture.

Tennessee hops into the top 10 for the first time in a while. If you already haven’t, go watch the SEC Shorts video. It is very funny. I guess we can finally say that the SEC East is the better division early in the season this year. It has been a minute or two since people could say that. I’m sure it has been forever since Florida has started 0-2 in SEC play…yep, took me a long time to look it up…1992. Heck Will Muschamp and Jim McElwain managed to never do it. That isn’t looking good for the Billy Napier reign in Gainesville. But good for Heupel. Shows you what a good offensive coach can do for a team.

The Cowboys of Oklahoma State are the Southern Cal of the Big XII. The last shot at a playoff bid after Oklahoma lost to Kansas State. You know that Mike Gundy was having a heck of a Saturday. It didn’t matter what he was doing, seeing Oklahoma lose before he lost a game had to be like winning the lottery. I mean, just a $500 dollar win on a scratch off ticket, but a win no the less. They have a tough contest against Baylor this Saturday, so don’t be too happy about the Oklahoma loss.

NC State won their scrimmage against UConn in their tune up for Clemson this week. I how you saw how Wake Forest took advantage of Clemson’s secondary. Please tell me you have some nice route combination ready to throw their way. I’m not sure you can match Wake’s long mesh point running attack, but anything to suck those safeties up will work. Try to get an early lead to take away the run game from Clemson too.

Penn State is steady climbing the poll. They are the in the 2nd major conference division that has 3 teams in the top 15. They join the SEC East. That Purdue win is not aging well at this point. I guess beating the worst team in the SEC West got you some brownie points. Beating a team that needed a missed field goal and a touchback in overtime to win shouldn’t get you any points, brownie or not. Franklin does have some tough games coming up in Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio State. I could see them being 0-3 in those games. Of course, the Michigan and Minnesota games are winnable.

Oregon in still making their way back up the poll. Skimming by Washington State might be a bigger win that they are getting credit for right now. Of course, it could also look a lot worse in a few weeks. Games against Washington, Utah, and Oregon State at the end of the year will go a long way to see which bowl game Oregon makes. I don’t think it will be a New Year’s Six bowl game right now.

Ole Miss is better than Clemson. Yes, I said it. I believe it too. Well, at least until Clemson beat them by 20. Going off a common opponent in Georgia Tech, Ole Miss is better than Clemson. Lane Kiffin is getting more and more comfortable with his new quarterbacks as the year is going on. I wish him and Ole Miss well this week in their matchup with Kentucky. As I said earlier, Rodriguez is back for Kentucky this week. This will mean that Kentucky might lean on the run game a little more heavily. This might be a good thing by taking the ball out of Will Levis’s hand.

Washington moves into the top 15 this week. Again, not sure the Michigan State win should count toward anything other than a handshake at this time. They lost to 2 top 25 teams, but does anyone think they will win more than 7 games right now? So, it will be interesting to see Washington’s journey the rest of the year. I don’t think they will be that challenged until November when they have to play Oregon State and Oregon in back-to-back weeks.

Baylor is trying to claw their way back into the Big XII race, and a win over Oklahoma State will level the playing field across the conference. Baylor and Kansas State have done the good job of losing out of conference games. While they don’t look good overall, at least they have not lost a conference game like Texas and Oklahoma. If they can get by the Cowboys, they will be in the driver’s seat in the Big XII

Texas A&M makes the biggest jump this week after hanging on to beat Arkansas. Nothing like a fluke play or plays to get a top 10 win. Having Arkansas’s QB fumble the ball, then have a guy stopped that handed the ball to another player that then ran it back for a touchdown was crazy enough. Then having the Arkansas kicker hit the top of the up right and the ball bounces out to the field of play, that is like lightning striking the same spot twice. It was Jerry World, so it certainly doesn’t surprise me that lightning would strike there twice. It is even funny considering Jerry is an Arkansas alum and former player. I bet he trades that weird game if it gets the Dallas Cowboys to the Super Bowl this year. I doubt that will happen either, but you know that is what he is thinking.

Oklahoma tumbles down the poll after losing to Kansas State. Another karma game I guess as Brent V played for Kansas State. I guess they were pissed he turned the job down after longtime coach Bill Snyder retired. So much for Brent bringing Clemson’s bag of lucky horses with him to Oklahoma. Dabo has those things locked down tight. Brent will have to call up Riley to see if he left any mojo there after he left for the Southern Cal beaches.

BYU remains in place after beating Wyoming. Wyoming beat Tulsa who almost beat Ole Miss, so that should have gotten you a least to move up 1 spot. Too bad no one really lost ahead of you beside Arkansas and Oklahoma. I guess you just don’t impress the voters like you probably should. Cheer up, you have some big games later this year, so you still have a shot at being the being the highest ranked Group of 5 team. You already are right now, so just don’t lose any more games because Cincinnati is lurking right outside the top 25.

The Jerry World curse got you this year Arkansas. You were too happy to beat one of your old coaches, and more than likely looking ahead to Alabama. Well, you crapped the bed on being highest ranked SEC game. Look on the bright side, at least App State isn’t sitting at the back end of your schedule. A&M still has that cross to bear. Especially after they just got beat by James Madison and barely surviving Troy last week. It could be worse, so buck up and go beat Alabama.

Minnesota is looking like it is head and shoulders above the rest of the B1G West right now. Even though you are looking up to Northwestern and Iowa in the conference standings (at least alphabetically). Illinois is your only roadblock to winning that side of the B1G. You got lucky that you only play Penn State out of the Eastern half of the conference. Missing Michigan and Ohio State until the B1G Championship was some nice scheduling this year. Just don’t go thinking you are a playoff team just yet.

Wake, Wake, Wake… why did you not try to win that game in regulation. You had to know that going to overtime was a losing proposition. You don’t go to overtime at home against teams when you are the underdog. You beat them in regulation, or at least try to. The ending of the 4th quarter was some Denver Bronco’s crap if you ask me. I’m not a coach, never played football beyond pee wee, don’t get to see the all-22 view of any game… but I know you should have put more emphasis on winning the game before overtime. If you get past Florida State this weekend, you have a few weeks before another big game against NC State. Please don’t lose to Florida State this weekend. Don’t compound the Clemson disaster with a loss this week. Please. Don’t. Do. It.

Speaking of Florida State, here they are in the top 25 after a little break. A little break of some time that is. That LSU win is looking better right now. Don’t go thinking that will last too much longer though. You have a tough task the next 3 weeks. The good news is you catch both Wake and NC State after they play Clemson. So, you are their let down game. Then you play Clemson. If NC State beats them this week, you will have more of a hance of beating NC State than you do Clemson. The good news is that Clemson will at least have a chance to blow off some steam against BC before you have to play them.

Pitt holds steady at 24 after blowing by Rhode Island. That might have been a tougher game than the one this week against Georgia Tech. What with them just firing their coach and everything. You actually have a cake walk of a schedule left this year. The hardest game remaining is against Syracuse? I mean I thought it was going to be Miami, but after the last 2 weeks not anymore. You could be in the ACC championship game again this year. It must be nice to be in the easier half of the easiest Power 5 conference.

Welcome to the top 25 Kansas State. I’m not sure you deserve it over your undefeated cross state rival, but here you are. Good win against Oklahoma, it’s amazing you could win that game with a Nebraska transfer at QB. I guess getting out of Lincoln makes you a better player. Would anyone of you wildcats actually comment on the fact that BV didn’t want to come coach there? Was that extra motivation at all? It would be interesting to see if that was said at any time over the last week. Good luck against a Texas Tech team that just beat a ranked Texas team for the first time since 2008. Of course, that could be the last time Texas was ranked. I’m not looking that up.

As Always, Go Cocks!

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