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The top commenters and most-Rec'd comments from last week

A rundown of the top comments and commenters for the week ending May 24, 2014.

Al Messerschmidt

Garnet And Black Attack had an usually high volume of comments last week (GEE I WONDER WHY), so I figured there would be no better time to trot out the comment-countin' and Rec-detailin' functionality available to us to provide a snapshot of the user activity during the preceding week. Between his participation in the discussion about Connor Shaw's baby and his disagreement with ChickenHoops over the appropriate situations in which to deploy the sacrifice bunt, richie.gross78 logged the most comments with 23.

# Commenter # Comments
1 richie.gross78 23
2 Connor Tapp 20
3 Gamecock Man 19
4 mcmichat 19
5 ChickenHoops 17
6 Judith Mills 17
7 upstategamecockfan 13
8 walknbalk 8
9 Kaci B 6
10 LaylaB 5
11 The GIF Oracle 5
12 tryptic67 5
13 The Feathered Warrior 4
14 skandrewj62j 4
15 GOcocks 4
16 GwinnettGamecock 4
17 oohlawdy 3
18 Jorge De Los Gallos 3
19 Zach_The_Gamecock 3
20 PolladelSur 3
21 Mr. Sanchez 3
22 stapleears 2
23 BrisketBiscuit 2
24 Jake1013 2
25 bClickClack 2
26 KevinSC8 2
27 Charlestonion 1
28 SetYourBodyAblaze 1
29 tweedyfanjen 1
30 SteveFHall 1
31 Fog horn Leghorn 1
32 CSlice 1
33 eric.young.Gordon 1
34 Skydryv 1
35 TRCbuck 1
36 Chi-Cocks 1
37 Luke Zimmermann 1
38 Layla, like the song 1
39 adrianaaagarcia 1
40 BigDaddyButterscotch 1
41 cockwatcher 1
42 1
43 Wiens 1
44 jadden_usc_2001 1
45 kdzwierzynski 1
46 gsb1952 1

Unsurprisingly, many of the most Rec'd comments feature words such as "Connor" and "baby" and phrases like "gay people" and "let me get this straight."

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
9 ChickenHoops I don't think he posited they don't have a right to be heard
8 TRCbuck Hey guys sorry I"m late what'd I miss?
8 Luke Zimmermann Can't believe Connor Tapp's having a baby out of wedlock
7 Connor Tapp GABACoin
7 The GIF Oracle [no title]
7 mcmichat You're obviously not committing greed right.
7 richie.gross78 Never
6 GwinnettGamecock New XKCD record for quickest ascension to internet touchstone
6 oohlawdy So that's how it works?!?
6 ChickenHoops But how will we explain to the children that two people who love each other are having a baby?
5 Jorge De Los Gallos .
5 mcmichat To add to this...
5 mcmichat where men were men
5 tryptic67 Let me get this straight, Connor
5 LaylaB Assuming that's SOLELY because of the content of the sign,
5 The GIF Oracle [no title]
5 Gamecock Man Undoubtedly the most ludicrous claim in this entire thread. People need to quite watching Fox News or wherever they're picking this stuff up.
5 tryptic67 He's doing more than saying they are assholes
5 LaylaB I'm sorry, but no.
4 jadden_usc_2001 He owes you nothing
4 GOcocks I think the thought of "openly gay South Carolina fans"
4 Connor Tapp :D
4 Kaci B I generally try to stay out of these conversations because I don't enjoy arguing or conflict unless it's about sports
4 adrianaaagarcia Congrats Connor and Molly!
4 PolladelSur Saying you don't agree with the "homosexual lifestyle" (whatever that means)
3 Gamecock Man You put the nail on the head here...
3 walknbalk Why are we so obsessed with sex? Specifically--with whom, which location, and it better not be that gay sex
3 richie.gross78 Don't be sill.
3 Connor Tapp you guys i found out what happens to babies conceived out of wedlock
3 The GIF Oracle [no title]
3 The Feathered Warrior Go fornicate yourself, Connor.
3 Gamecock Man It is indeed very tiring to hear the term "freedom of speech" so frequently misused.
3 Connor Tapp I'm open to the criticism that I may have lost some good will with the way I chose to word the final paragraph.
2 mcmichat In direct opposition to that...
2 walknbalk "In this country, we defend every other faith or opinion except Christianity."
2 Charlestonion If you need to rely on other people to be your children's role models, YOU are the problem
2 skandrewj62j I am probably late to this party...
2 The Feathered Warrior If that's really the seller,
2 richie.gross78 Criteria
2 ChickenHoops I would love to talk about our basketball team
2 Connor Tapp What Connor's doing/did doesn't hurt anybody.
2 Skydryv kudos for the self disclosure
2 Gamecock Man As tryptic mentioned above, Jesus said that "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her."
2 LaylaB Still a better name
2 mcmichat This doesn't seem like the place to debate if Christmas is under attack or not
2 Gamecock Man I wonder how many of these people made it to marriage without having committed "fornication." Seems unlikely.
1 Connor Tapp You might be right.
1 Connor Tapp "Condemnation" might be strong.
1 mcmichat Press Ctrl+F and then type "homophobic"
1 Kaci B I can get behind this idea
1 richie.gross78 One more try?
1 eric.young.Gordon Opinions
1 richie.gross78 Mostly
1 richie.gross78 Public Forum
1 Judith Mills You were misreading me
1 Connor Tapp Per mcmichat's ingenious request
1 The Feathered Warrior I dunno.
1 Connor Tapp Here we go
1 Kaci B The Elliott Fry/Michael Carrera discussion just made me think of this
1 PolladelSur @oracle gif me judge mental
1 stapleears We should pool our resources and put it in a central location for, parties
1 walknbalk [no title]
1 Fog horn Leghorn Hell of a losers bracket
1 richie.gross78 Lemming?
1 GwinnettGamecock Dylan Thompson
1 BigDaddyButterscotch Congrats to Connors shaw and tapp alike!!!
1 Kaci B Here's your answer to why Harrington and Gore were in today
1 Judith Mills conflict
1 Connor Tapp Dylan tweeted that he agreed with an ESPN panelist who said that gay people are "living in open rebellion to god."
1 walknbalk Also....
1 Connor Tapp I don't think my negative reaction to people being horrible to Connor Shaw makes my argument inconsistent.
1 Gamecock Man That was kind of my point above when I pondered whether any of the people making those comments were innocent of fornication themselves.
1 ChickenHoops Brilliant
1 ChickenHoops Yeah, what really hurts us is there's nothing more we can do to improve our resume
1 SteveFHall How did Dylan hurt anyone?
1 Gamecock Man You weren't personally taking potshots at Connor, but my impression was that you were defending those who were. Perhaps I was misreading you, though.
1 walknbalk you're a playa if you
1 The GIF Oracle [no title]
1 oohlawdy Babies are made by thumping one's significant other on the chin, whether or not one is married at the time.
1 Layla, like the song Please fill me in when you summarize
1 The Feathered Warrior Ah, yes.
1 Gamecock Man I was open to engaging in debate with you...

As I mentioned on the podcast, there were points on Monday when the Shaw article was really blowing up that I had to make myself look away from the comments section. But as I've slowly looked back over some of the things that were said and taken a big-picture view of it, I was really impressed with the level of discourse that we were able to maintain.

I'll try my best to remember to run these reports once every week. If nothing else, I enjoy doing it for myself as an exercise in seeking out interesting comments that I might have missed.

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