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Community Standards and Guidelines


Given the recent growth of the community and the fact that our comments threads have become more lively as of late, it's time to set a few ground rules for the conversations we're having. The goal at Garnet and Black Attack is to provide a forum for reasoned discussion about our University and athletics programs, and these guidelines are intended to ensure that the tone of our conversations stays at that level. I'll admit that I've been remiss in enforcing these rules lately and, in the heat of the moment, may have even broken one or two of them myself at times. I apologize if I have offended anybody in doing so. All I can say in my defense is that what began as a very small community outgrew itself very quickly, and I was too slow to set down the kind of hard and fast rules that are necessary for a larger community. I've never banned anyone for anything other than spamming, and I would hate to have to do so now. However, in order to maintain the desired level of discourse, from now on I intend to follow and enforce these rules.

1. Hate speech is absolutely not allowed. Hate speech is defined as language whose intent is to wound someone based on that member's personal identity, whether that be racial, gender, occupational, etc. We encourage debate here--you are welcome to challenge ideas vigorously. However, attack the people who hold or stand for those ideas is unacceptable. If you are unsure whether something you want to say crosses the line, refrain from saying it. This is the most serious of our rules; crossing the line on this one will from this point forward result in an immediate ban.

2. Please treat fans of other schools with respect. All of us have probably had a run-in with a rude Clemson or Georgia fan, but for the most part the ones that post here are going to be friendly and should be appreciated for being cool enough to join our conversations.

3. The flip side of rule two: if you're a fan of another school, you must exercise the same respect for us that we exercise for you. If you don't, you won't be allowed to come back.

4. Please refrain from using profanity, which is inconsistent with the reasoned tone we wish to adopt here. I'm not trying to be the naughty language police here, but it's my experience that when people start using profanity, the discussion is probably about to devolve. That's not what we want here. The one exception to this rule is gamethreads. We all get emotional during games, and the gamethreads serve as a place to let out those emotions, whether they be negative or positive.

5. Personal attacks on USC coaches and players are not allowed. You are free to criticize their performance, but don't let criticism bleed into malicious attacks.

6. The final rule is that, in the event of a breach of conduct, the moderators reserve the right to edit or delete any offensive comments and / or warn or ban the offending community member. The opinions expressed in the comments sections do not necessarily reflect the opinions of GABA, and if you see an objectionable comment, please notify us.

This post will be placed in the "Featured Posts" section and will be required reading for all new members. If any of you as community members wish to suggest any additions and / or revisions to these rules, please offer up your thoughts in the comments section.