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Steve Spurrier Wins SEC Coach of the Year Award

In news that was overshadowed by Urban Meyer's second resignation (Urban, you attention whore!), it was announced today that Steve Spurrier was voted SEC Coach of the Year by the league's coaches. The award marks a major vindication for Spurrier. Lots of folks, including yours truly, have increasingly questioned Coach Spurrier over the past three years. However, Spurrier made history this year with the program's third nine-win season and first-ever berth in the SEC Championship Game. With that, he restaked his claim as one of the game's premier coaches.

We'll have occasion to talk more about Spurrier's legacy in due time. For now, while I think we can all agree that Spurrier deserves major accolades for his accomplishments this season, the question is, did he deserve this award? Auburn fans, undoubtedly, will say the award should go to Gene Chizik. What do you think?