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Steve Spurrier on the Dan Patrick Show

This is a pretty great interview from Dan Patrick. Spurrier starts out with the usual "Aw, but anyway. We're just trying to win a few more games around here. Hopefully we'll coach better. Gotta coach better. But anyway, we're trying to win an SEC championship around here. That's something that's never been around here. But anyway..." but then gets into some more interesting tidbits.

I've always had a lot of respect for Spurrier. He runs a clean program, and that really comes through in his answers to some of Patrick's questions. He also takes personal responsibility for his teams. Sometimes it gets old hearing the same things come out of mouth after another tough loss, but he's never going to throw someone under the bus. The man has integrity.

Some snip-its:

Dan asked Spurrier what he thought of Lane Kiffin leaving the SEC to go to USC. "I think our commissioner is happy he left. He doesn't bother me," Spurrier said.  

Spurrier talked about what happened in Washington when he coached the Redskins.

"We Just  didn't have a very good team," Spurrier said.  I just didn't enjoy pro football very much."

Spurrier said working for Daniel Snyder was "OK," but it didn't sound like a perfect hit. "I didn't have it in my contract that I could pick the team. Then I realized I wasn't in control," Spurrier said.

Follow the link to listen to the complete interview: The Dan Patrick Show