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Shocking Developments in Journalism #15385: Paul Finebaum Writes Something Idiotic

Want to look at expansion through new eyes? Well, looky here: Paul Finebaum, otherwise known as Finebammer or Finebarner depending on the day of the week, thinks USC and Arkansas are a drag on the SEC and should be kicked to the curb. What's that, you say? Finebaum is an idiot? How shocking. And this from the same guy that said a week or two ago that Stephen Garcia was the worst QB in the history of the SEC. I guess he wasn't paying attention to that guy 'Bama threw at us back in 2004.

This probably doesn't dignify a response, but why not. Here are five reasons why you should disagree with Finebaum. Add more in the comments section if you like.

5. Neither the Hogs or Gamecocks are SEC thoroughbreds, but neither are the conference's doormats, either. If we stick to football, then it's worth noting that both have been more successful over the past decade than Vandy, Kentucky, and the Mississippi schools. Heck, Arkansas has played in three SEC championship games. That's not too shabby.

4. Getting away from football for a minute (I doubt Finebaum is in the habit of this), it's worth recognizing that both the Hogs and Gamecocks are among the conference's elite in baseball, typically making the postseason every year.

3. Anyone that wants to argue that the SEC as a whole isn't stronger now than it was in 1991 is crazy. Expansion to 12 teams has been great for the conference, helping it to galvanize its fanbase across a large part of the country and in turn produce stronger, more lucrative programs. Heck, if the SEC hadn't taken the first step almost 20 years ago, would we be talking about Pac-16s today?

2. USC and Arkansas have unique mascots. The rest of the conference, save a few schools? Not so much.

1. USC and Arkansas run clean programs. The two in Finebaum's state? Not so much.