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Tuesday News and Notes: Brandon Golson Denied Admission

Greetings, folks. We're back to our regularly scheduled programming after our week with EA Sports, so expect more news threads and post-spring game previews. Here are today's headlines:

USC linebacker recruit denied admission | GoGamecocks. Golson was denied admission by the Universiyt despite meeting NCAA requirements. This was the most intriguing news of the day for me. First of all, after the to-do Spurrier made over an occurrence like this a couple of years ago, you have to wonder how he'll react to this. This isn't exactly the same situation, as it didn't happen at the end of the summer, but it's bad news nonetheless. Golson was a really desirable prospect, first of all. Moreover, though, he's coming from Calhoun, a spot we're trying to carve out as a pipeline. (We're currently hotly pursuing Alshon Jeffery's brother Shamier out of Calhoun.) Spurrier may not appreciate the administration making him look bad there. I can't blame him; I'm not the kind of person that believes that academic reputations are built by athletics programs (at least as long as the program's don't actually compromise academic integrity), and I'll bet Golson would have gotten in at LSU or another powerhouse. Again, I'll be curious to see how the OBC reacts to this.

Downey makes NBA Summer League debut | GoGamecocks. It wasn't a banner game for Downey, but he's getting a shot. I think he actually has a decent chance of the making the Kings, who don't have much depth at PG. Let's hope he has a good showing over the summer.

DiMarco doing double duty for Gamecocks | GoGamecocks

USC football preseason depth chart | GoGamecocks

Ark. football player leaving to play baseball | GoGamecocks