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The Daily Feed // 08.27.10


Hotel should have raised red flags | SEC Blog - ESPN
Chris Low makes the point that whatever happens with the Whitney situation, it ultimately comes back to Spurrier. 

Five Things You Need To Know About South Carolina vs. Southern Miss | Saturday Down South
Saturday Down South takes a look the Gamecocks' opening game vs. Southern Mississippi. The general consensus is that we're in for a tough time on Thursday night. However, SDS gives us some hope, noting that USM lost it's leading rusher from last year as well as four starters on the offensive line.

2010 SEC East Odds – Florida Still Heavily Favored | Saturday Down South
At +300 SDS has us with the best sleeper odds of winning the Eastern Crown. Believe, people.

10 Questions for the Upcoming College Football Season | Leftover Hot Dog
LOHD poses 10 questions about the upcoming season of college football.

Q&A with Kenny Miles | The Daily Gamecock
The Daily Gamecock continues its series of interview with the USC football team. Things learned about Kenny Miles are he drinks Pedialyte before every game and his favorite part about being a Gamecock is you, the fans.


Say it IS so, Joe | The Rubber Chickens
A tribute to Joe Person. Well, sort of.