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SEC Power Poll Preseason Poll: Ranking the Uniforms


As most of you oldtimers know, SEC bloggers from around the web participate in an SEC Power Poll that ranks the SEC's teams throughout the season. With football season around the corner, it's time to roll out the poll once again. We at the SEC Power Poll don't believe it makes sense to rank the teams before they've set foot on field, so instead of doing a glam...*cough*, preseason poll, we're going to rank the uniforms. Feel free to chime in with agreements and disagreements. I'm going to go ahead and admit that there's little rhyme or reason behind what I'm about to write; I generally appreciate the simple, old-school looks, but there are a few that I like that don't fit that bill. I'm basically just riffing here.

1. Alabama Crimson Tide

'Bama gets a lot of points for sticking with the old-school helmets. Their game with Penn St. should be good in terms of uniform style.

2. LSU Tigers

They wear white at home and any number of crazy outfits that look like they came out of a Mardi Gras costume store when they're on the road. Crazy, but somehow appealing. Their purple uniforms don't have quite the Barney-like quality that Clemson's do.

3. Georgia Bulldogs

Outside of 70s glam rockers, these are the only guys that can wear silver pants and get away with it. That has to go for something. They also have great helmets.

4. South Carolina Gamecocks

I'll admit that I'm probably being a little bit of a homer here, but how can one not like his school's unis? I do wish we would bring back some of the different combinations we used to use. We used to mix a lot more black, which was cool.

5. Kentucky Wildcats

Another one I like for its simplicity.

6. Mississippi Rebels

These guys have a real old-school look. Just like you'd expect from them.

7. Auburn Tigers

Simple and solid.

8. Florida Gators

I wouldn't have too much against the base unis, but the throwbacks they seem to love so much are terrible.

9. Vanderbilt Commodores

Flashy at times, and I like the black. But something about them doesn't really scream intimidation. That could be the size of the players, though.

10. Mississippi St. Bulldogs


11. Tennessee Volunteers

That orange is the deal breaker. The Halloween costumes last year were cool, though.

12. Arkansas Razorbacks

Ever seen Arkansas's solid red uniforms? That's why they're here. I do like their Hog logo, though.