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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week Three


1. Alabama Crimson Tide

Still rolling.

2. Arkansas Razorbacks

Nice victory over Georgia. Appear to be ready to do what Ole Miss couldn't last year.

3. LSU Tigers

Still not the most fluid team around, but they're winning, in most cases comfortably. Definitely plenty of talent in Baton Rouge.

4. South Carolina Gamecocks

Carolina took a small step backwards with an underwhelming performance against Furman.

5. Auburn Tigers

The Tigers got a big win against Clemson, although it was hardly of the most inspiring sort.

6. Florida Gators

I'm seeing that a lot of people want to rank Florida second based on reputation alone. The idea seems to be that they'll eventually get it together. Well, we're three games in and they're still struggling. Maybe they're just not an elite team this year.

7. Kentucky Wildcats

Still waiting to see what happens when they play someone.

8. Georgia Bulldogs

Not looking good right now.

9. Tennessee Volunteers

Didn't look too bad against Florida, but doesn't seem to be able to sustain a game past the third quarter.

10. Vanderbilt Commodores

Hey! Vandy got a conference victory. Nice work, geniuses.

11. Mississippi St. Bulldogs

Maybe we were giving Mullen too much credit at the beginning of the year.

12. Mississippi Rebels