3rd Quarter SEC Football Review

Tennessee- this squad looks like the best team in the country. They are the most put together group of players with a winning attitude. They slayed Alabama by 3 and embarrassed Kentucky who thought they were good at football.

Georgia- the settlement between uga and tenn will end soon. When the dawgs are on, they destroy their opponent. When they are off, they are hard to beat.

Alabama- it’s hard to beat saban and Alabama. They are clearly still right in the thick of it as usual. Tennessee has a special offense, if not for that 3 point loss, bama is #1

LSU- very surprising to see LSU here. But here they are. They’re on the rise, they beat Ole Miss. if not for the misfortune of having to play Tennessee this year, LSU is likely unbeaten since getting things right after the poor start loss against FSU. Credit the coaching staff here, consistent improvement creates a winning culture.

Ole Miss- this team seemed like it was on the rise, until is played LSU and got humbled. They barely beat A&M, which means this squad isn’t much better than the mid tier teams.

Miss St- I’m going with the eye test here. They’ve beaten some teams and lost to most good teams they’ve played. They can score points, so I give them the edge against the Gamecocks and Razorbacks.

Arkansas- the resume this team has is good enough to be in the top half of the mediocre teams. Lost to Miss St, beat SC, so here we are.

South Carolina- sadly this team cannot score at will. They have the talent, but cannot consistently put it together. Defense is ok most of the time. Oh the potential. They went on a roll and won games, then turned around and laid an egg, just like most mediocre teams do. They should make a bowl game, but never bet on this team. Ever.

Kentucky- this team is a disappointment with a good QB. They lost to South Carolina. I don’t know what to make of this team, I’ll go with they feel like a team who wants to be good, but can’t seem to handle it. Sound familiar?

Missouri- the tigers have 1 quality win, and it’s against South Carolina. They could easily be a 2 loss team, or even be a 1 loss contender, but nope.

Florida- the gators win over Utah is a distant memory, and the only real high note of the season. A bowl game looking likely still, with the last 4 games leaning blue and orange. 8-4 suddenly doesn’t sound so bad and is possible. The last stretch of the season will be telling. Here’s to hoping they’re not 8-4 by season’s end.

Vanderbilt- Vandy has 3 wins, none of them against conference competition. But they’re wins nonetheless. They seem destined to win an sec game this season. They’ve got some fight and grit in them. I just hope it’s against someone other than the gamecocks.

Texas A&M- the aggies are sliding fast and hard. They beat arkansas. Bravo. other than that miraculous victory, A&M has looked putrid and it’s not looking good going forward. I thought to put them ahead of Vandy, but A&M’s eye test is, "a team that is giving up, discouraged, done"

Auburn- the tigers tried to find a way to fire their coach last year without having to pay him a big buyout. Looks like that worked out for no one. This is the worst auburn I’ve seen in a long time. I think a coaching change is almost a guarantee, but I guess we’ll see.

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