Week 2 CFB Playoff Rankings - Top 6

1. Georgia – Best Wins (#5 Tenn, #6 Oregon) Worst Loss (None) Remaining Games (#24 Kentucky, SEC Championship)

Georgia proved they were the best team in the nation on Saturday. I still don’t think Tennessee is as good as people are giving them credit for, but Georgia deserves the top spot this week. They will have 2 more ranked wins if the beat Kentucky and win the SEC Championship (most likely LSU right now).

2. Ohio State – Best Wins (#14 Penn State, #20 Notre Dame) Worst Loss (None) Remaining Games (#3 Michigan)

I’m not counting the B1G Championship game considering it will be most like a 3 loss Illinois team. They might be ranked after they lose to Michigan in a couple of weeks. The Notre Dame win looks a lot better since they just beat Clemson. I think that win is the best win right now. If Ohio State struggles with Michigan, then I’m not sure how good either team really is.

3. Michigan – Best Win (#14 Penn State) Worst Loss (None) Remaining Games (#2 Ohio State)

Again, not list the B1G Championship since it will be a rematch against Illinois. And Illinois just lost to Michigan State who stinks this year. Ohio State will be a big win, but again if it is struggle… who is to say that both teams are not that good?

4. TCU – Best Win (#19 Kansas State) Worst Loss (None) Remaining Games (#18 Texas)

Just like with the B1G Championship game, can’t put the Big XII Championship game is not a stellar game to hang one’s hat on. I still feel like they have played a harder schedule with 4 ranked teams on the schedule at the time of the games. That is way more than a lot of these other teams. I think they are under valued because of the Big XII.

5. Tennessee - Best Wins (#9 Alabama, #24 Kentucky) Worst Loss (#1 Georgia) Remain Games (No Ranked Teams)

Well, everyone wanted Tennessee to be the high-flying team of the year, but Georgia said nope. They will beat the rest of the teams on their schedule unless they lose focus after that loss. I don’t see that happening though. The defense needs to get better if they do sneak into the top 4 teams though.

6. Oregon – Best Win (#12 UCLA) Worst Loss (#1 Georgia) Remaining Games (#25 Washington, #13 Utah, Pac-12 Championship game)

I would take LSU and Alabama over Oregon in a neutral site game today. I think that Oregon looked horrible against Georgia to start the year. They have beaten up on the Pac-12 from then on, and haven’t played anyone with comparable talent. The Utah game and the Pac-12 Championship will tell me more about how good Oregon might be.

People trying to prop Clemson up by moving NC State up to #16. The eye test doesn’t seem to make that possible. Dabo is ripping off Beamer trying to tell Clemson fans to find some joy today. Good luck with that Dabo.

I wonder how high South Carolina would end up being if they win out? They would have beaten Kentucky, Tennessee, and Clemson. The Mizzu and Arkansas losses would hurt though. Texas is the highest 3 loss team right now at number 18.

As always, Go Cocks!

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