College Football Betting: How To Be Smarter Than the Average Joe

In this industry, there are few things that get the audience as riled up as college football. Not only are the stakes higher than ever, with fledgling players fighting tooth, bone and nail to establish a name for themselves and increase their future prospects in the industry, but the traditions, mascots, and cheerleaders make the rivalries and expectations ever more intense.

As is the case with most sports, college football has a huge betting scene that dates all the way back to the 1800’s. With this sport, there are many betting-related possibilities, with odds for rivalries, post-season bowl games and the College Football Playoffs. There are also no federal US laws that would prevent or restrict one on betting on these games – if your state has regulated venues, you are free to wager on college football games as long as you are of legal age.

  • Tips and tricks of betting on football games

While betting in its nature is always delicate and uncertain and there is no way to truly predict a winner, there are some generally useful tips that one can follow to turn the odds ever so slightly in their favor. We’ll let you in on some of these.

  • Going against the grain

One very common piece of advice is something known as ‘going against the grain’ which means betting against the public. Statistically, the public loses in most cases. People who bet casually might go with their favorite team and base their stakes on bias and personal sentiment. The average Joe usually makes bets based on gut instinct, favoring personal favorites, teams with better track records and teams with more star athletes.

The simplest method of betting as a contrarian against the public as can be would be to use DraftKings or other sportsbooks, with college football bookies picked by experts. On these sites you should pay attention to the columns that show ‘’% bets’’ and focus on the teams that have less than 40% of staked wagers.

Oddsmakers are aware of these things and usually set lines in accordance with public bias, with numbers usually leaning towards the fan favorites and popular choices. So what it really means to be a contrarian bettor is to go with the unpopular decision, which makes it so that you can take advantage of the different kinds of multipliers or inflated mispriced lines. So if your friends are all betting on team no. 1, you want to set up your wager on team no. 2. One should, however, still do their due diligence in making sure that their decision is rational and worth it, as it is logically not always just as easy as betting on the underdog.

  • Monitoring the schedules and staff changes

Every savvy bettor should also be aware of the schedule of the games. They are released a few weeks in advance, thus giving ample time for the bets to build up. Instead of playing dozens of games a day like during a regular-season Saturday, bowl season has only one or two games running per day.

Another thing to pay close attention to is coach and staff changes. A lot of times, there have been games with interim coaching staff, due to their head coach getting canned or getting a better job. You might want to bet against these teams since their coordinators lack experience.

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Good luck betting this bowl season and we hope to make your journey just a bit easier and more lavish with the tips we provided!

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