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The Daily Feed // 10.22.10


Gamecocks Continue Vandy Preparations | Gamecocks Online

"You can't put 80 percent of your practice time in pass defense for Vanderbilt because they are a really good option team - zone option and triple option. Right now, we've got to get ready for Vanderbilt."

Vanderbilt is an option team? Crap.

TV Alert: DISH Network/ FOX alert for SC @ Vandy | Spurs Up
DISH Network doing its part to stimulate the local sports bar economy.

As a result, South Carolina fans with DISH Network service will not be able to view the Gamecocks' game against Vanderbilt on Saturday. Only DISH Network subscribers are affected. Please contact your service provider if you have further questions.

Gamecocks SEC East championship scenarios | Leftover Hot Dog
Oh, God, no. Please, no.

Last, let's assume South Carolina loses to Vanderbilt this weekend and then wins the final three.

Seven USC players had meals paid for impermissibly | The Post and Courier

By definition, he was not deemed a "representative of the institution's athletics interests," or a booster, because he never attended USC and had never purchased season tickets or given money to the school.

So who the heck was he? More agent mess?

More than the actual figures and facts, the alarming part of the documents is the proximity of booster-type fans to the players. The documents indicate one fan befriended a player in high school, and then that friendship branched out to other players once the player arrived at USC.

No, no, no. You just said that this guy wasn't a booster. Remember? It's right up there. I quoted it and everything. Sheesh. This will not end well.

Lattimore 80 to 85 percent healthy | The Post and Courier
Marcus Lattimore on how he feels:

"It's feeling way better than it did Saturday night," said Lattimore, who has estimated himself to be at 80 to 85 percent healthy. "There's a little bit of pain, but I'm trying to get back right." Alshon Jeffery apparently has a "tweeked" abdominal muscle, but is looking good for Saturday.


"He's fine," receivers coach Steve Spurrier Jr. said. "He had a full day today and looked good."

And oh how soon we forget:

Some wondered why the play wasn't designed for Jeffery, considering what he's done this season and to Kentucky in the past. Spurrier lamented that later.

No one should have thought for a second that the pass should have gone to Alshon. Just a few weeks prior the Gamecocks did just that against Auburn and the result was an interception. Alshon was probably tripled-covered this time as well, so I don't see how you could possibly think the pass should have gone to him. The "play maker"argument is weak. If anything the pass should have gone to Tori Gurley or DL Moore.

Homerism Roundtable: The SEC East and a Quarterback Controversy | Team Speed Kills
Cocknfire of Team Speed Kills participates in the latest Gamecocks Roundtable.

Bartender? We'll have another round of despair | Gridiron & Grits

See, there's the rub. After awhile, losing becomes kind of a unifying factor. When you think about it, Gamecocks fans are bound by our perpetual misery. What if we actually won a football championship? What would we be without our communal commiseration?

I think we would be Florida.

You Really Got Me This Time, Gamecocks | The Rubber Chickens
I think we all can relate.

Inside the Chart
Whoa, whoa. We're Vanderbilt's homecoming game?



South Carolina Gamecocks has wild ride, but recruits still interested | ESPN

South Carolina is currently sitting on 21 commitments with the hope of signing one quarterback -- either Jacoby Brissett (Palm Beach Gardens, Fla./Dwyer) or Tanner McEvoy (Oradell, N.J./Bergen Catholic) -- and at least one more offensive lineman and the Gamecocks hope Brandon Shell (Charleston, S.C./Goose Creek) is their guy. They are also looking at tight ends Drew Owens (Charlotte, N.C./Ardry Kell) and Jerell Adams (Summerton, S.C./Scotts Branch).

Damiere Byrd picks South Carolina so he can run ... track | ESPN
Didn't know Byrd was going to be a two-sport athlete. Byrd is the word.


South Carolina 2010-11 Basketball Uni's | Facebook
If you're on Facebook, check out South Carolina's new basketball uniforms.



Women's Basketball Scrimmage Highlights | Gamecocks Online
Coach Staley has the team looking good.



Carolina shoots for perfect road record | The Daily Gamecock

"That is rare. It's kind of the opposite of what we're normally like," coach Shelley Smith said. "We usually win every home game and go on the road and try to steal one. This year it hasn't been the same, but really we don't treat any game differently. It's just kind of how it's gone."



Guest Post: A Day of Golf with the Great Darius Rucker | Gamecocks Online
The women's golf team got to play a round with Darius Rucker, current country music star and former Hootie and the Blowfish front man. Oh, and if you haven't heard about it, check out the new Hootie and the Blowfish monument unveiled in 5 Points.