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The Daily Feed // 10.26.10


South Carolina-Clemson rivalry gets kinder |
I'm probably in the minority of those who would like to see this rivalry get a little more civil. Our rivalry with Georgia is intense, but it's got nothing on Clemson. It's fun to hate UGA. One weekend a year we can exchange a few barbs and then move on with our lives. But Clemson is different. The rivalry with Clemson festers like an open wound all year long. People in this rivalry are just plain ugly to each other. It's not fun for me. Hating Georgia is fun. Hating Clemson is burdensome, in all honestly. I would just as soon Clemson not exist at all. such is the level discourse that all to often surrounds our game with the Tigers. Truth be told, I haven't spoken a word of "trash talk" all year after beating Clemson in 2009. Every year I hope we beat Clemson just so I can forget about them.

"I don't sense in any way that could happen with the coaching staffs in place and the players that are in place now,'' Spurrier continued. "I don't think there will be a lot of trash talk. I don't think there will be late hits. I think it will be a good, clean, hard-fought game and that's the way it should be.''

"Turkey Day" Chat with Garnet and Black Attack | Shakin The Southland
Gamecock Man converses with the gentlemen at Shakin the Southland.

Gamecock Man converses with the gentlemen at

Enemy Talk: Clemson Talk with ACC Rivals | Leftover Hot Dog
Flounder of LOHD converses with Stephen of ACC Rivals.

South Carolina getting sack happy |
Something's got to give.

Only two teams in the country have more sacks than South Carolina - Florida State (41) and Boise State (39).


The Tigers have handled quarterback pressure well all season. Clemson has surrendered only 13 sacks, the fewest in the ACC and the second-fewest in the country.

USC notebook: Spurrier worries about special teams |
I think we're all worried about special teams play against Clemson.

Extra: Johnson looks at Clemson |
Dabo Swinney has high praise for Marcus Lattimore.

"He's a good kid, first of all. I got to enjoy getting to know him and his family. Football is important to him and he works hard at it," Swinney said. "He's a winner. He comes from a winning program. Football wise, he's got great vision. They pretty much run the zone because that's what he knows and he's outstanding at being able to jump cut a whole hole. I'm not surprised at all at the success he's had. He's got a couple pieces on the outside that take a lot of pressure off him."

Gilmore, Markett Should Be OK |
Lattimore on the Clemson game:

"I have an idea we've got to run the ball. When we run the ball effectively, we play well," Lattimore said. "I'm looking forward to it. We've just got to keep preparing. It's all about preparation. We're going to know what they do (on defense) and we got to do well at what we do."

And expect to see Lattimore early and often. Spurrier said so.

"We're going up there to play everybody we've got to try to win the game," Spurrier said. "We'll worry about next week's game when it gets here. No (our guys won't be looking ahead). We try our best to go one game at a time. I certainly believe we're going to give it our best shot up there this week."

Gamecocks Podcast: Troy Review & Clemson Preview | Leftover Hot Dog

On this episode of the "Gamecocks Podcast", we discuss the Troy Trojans win and how to defeat the Clemson Tigers on Saturday.

South Carolina vs. Clemson: 5 Keys To a Gamecock State Championship | Bleacher Report
Forget records, rankings and talent. This game is always strange and always exciting for people in the state of South Carolina.

Saluting a Gamecock winner | The Post and Courier
A belated congratulations to Matt Grooms.

Matt Grooms, the South Carolina Gamecocks' third-string deep snapper, finally made it into a game, hiking on a successful field goal attempt and extra point during the fourth quarter of a 69-24 romp over Troy. It was a dream come true for the 27-year-old Iraq War veteran, who's attending USC with the help of the GI bill.