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THE DAILY FEED // 12.13.10: Updates on the Coaching Carousell

This will be another light week of posting as I wrap up my semester. I plan to do a recruiting update and an Ohio St. basketball preview this week, but that's about it. We will, though, continue posting the news and providing a space for conversation. So, without further ado...

Vandy Coaching Search

Auburn Tigers offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn snubs Vanderbilt offer, source says - ESPN

Tough news for Vandy, who now will reportedly look to Maryland OC James Franklin. I like Vandy's choice to look for an innovative offensive coach. What they need is someone who can neutralize their talent disadvantages. Bobby Johnson tried to do that with opportunistic defenses, but that requires a bit of luck to work, especially when your school isn't known for recruiting great defensive linemen. A good offensive coach, on the other hand, could possibly install schemes that won't rely so much on personnel. It's tough to recruit good trench players at school like Vandy, but many spread offenses don't require great lines to work, as they rely more on the QB and RB's ability to make good reads more than anything else. If Vandy can find someone who can install something like that effectively, they might have a better shot at competing for bowls.

Chris Low: Gus Malzahn to Stay at Auburn - Anchor Of Gold

Check out the Vandy fans' response.

Muschamp and Florida

It Will Take Time Before Muschamp Feels Like a Florida Head Coach - Team Speed Kills

TSK analyzes the hire.

How excited are you about Will Muschamp? - Alligator Army

Check out the Gators fans' reaction to the hire.