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Darrin Horn Not Keen on the CBI

According to a press release put out today, Darrin Horn would not accept a CBI invitation if offered one:

"We want to compete and play in the NCAA Tournament," said Horn. "If we can’t do that, the NIT with the changes that have been made will put you in the top 100 in the country in the postseason. Anything beyond that is not anything we would have interest in."

I'll have to admit that I'm not exactly sure that I agree with Horn's thinking here. I understand that the CBI is a lower-tier tournament and thus not much of an honor, but I think that the opportunity to allow Devan Downey to put a bigger mark on the record books and to give our younger players more in-game experience would make it a valuable opportunity.

So, what does everyone else think about a CBI invite? Backhanded compliment or compelling opportunity?