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Sunday News and Notes: August Practice Updates and More

Scrimmage No. 1 a sack-fest | Joe Person on Football. This is definitely concerning. It's worth noting that the defense usually outperforms the offense during the early scrimmages, as it takes the offense a little longer to work out the kinks. In that sense, we should wait a couple of weeks before we really start to worry. But we've heard the sack story enough times to know that it's not just an early practice kink; it's a persistent issue that this team can't seem to kick. Let's hope Shawn Elliott can get something going here over the next couple of weeks.

Coaches unhappy after USC scrimmage | GoGamecocks

Practice report: Spurrier quiet on QBs | GoGamecocks

Lanning: the player most likely to succeed | GoGamecocks

Richt worried about Dogs' sloppy scrimmage | GoGamecocks. At least we're not the only ones.

At least one player leaving Whitney Hotel | GoGamecocks. This quote sums up the situation:

"As long as the guys pay their bills, they’re OK," Spurrier said. "But obviously they can’t live there for free."

This is a non-issue that will go away soon. Just the NCAA dotting their is and crossing their ts, and The State making something out of nothing.

Florida LB commits to Gamecocks | GoGamecocks#RSS=gogamecocks#RSS=gogamecocks. The Gamecocks picked up a commitment from OLB Jordan Montgomery. Welcome aboard, Jordan.