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The Daily Feed // 08.31.10


Sophomore WR a Gamecocks teamster | GoGamecocks
Tori Gurley is saying all the right things. On his many called-back touchdowns of last season:

"We learned a lot from those plays that were called back," he said. "Alshon (Jeffery) later on went on to score on those same plays that were called back on me. As long as I get a few of those breaks (this season), I’ll be OK."

On his attitude:

"Individually, I want to be the best player I can be," Gurley said. "I’ve dedicated this season to learning more about football and becoming a better special-teams player as well as a better receiver. With that mentality, I feel I can help the team and make a play anytime I’m on the field."

On his fellow receivers:

"We always have a guy going deep and another guy underneath. So the big play is something that catches a lot of folks’ eyes," Gurley said. "When you come down with one or two of those jump balls, then you’re going to get the confidence to continue to throw it downfield. All of our receivers have the capability of stretching the field and making big plays."

I hope this kid has the season he deserves this year. He was robbed last year. Robbed I tells ya!

Up Next: Southern Miss Mirrors USC | GamecockCentral
Scott Hood gives Gamecock fans a rundown of what to expect from Southern Mississippi. Some good stuff here. To wit:

USM has one defender who could excel at the SEC level - linebacker Korey Williams, who was a tackling machine in 2009 with 121 tackles, 11.0 TFL and 7.5 sacks. He's the real deal and the Gamecocks must account for him on every play.

Top players, coaches, team fans honored in Herbie Awards | ESPN
We showed up in top freshmen, top corners, and top student sections.

Practice report: USC awaits NCAA word | GoGamecocks
Monday night's practice report. 1) USC coaches are prepared in the event that Wesley Saunders is ruled ineligible for the entire season. 2) Brian Maddox doesn't know who will start at running back Thursday night. 3) Alshon Jeffrey thinks we have the best receiving corps in the nation.

Gamecocks Practice Monday Night | Gamecocks Online
Interviews with Brian Maddox, Kyle Nunn, and Alshon Jeffrey. Do yourself a favor and skip Nunn's interview.

Whitneygate: Details, Details, Who Needs Em? | The Rubber Chickens
The folks at TRC are still skepical that the NCAA will take any action. That all depends on how you define "a representative of the institution's athletics interests."

SEC season predictions | SEC Blog - ESPN
Chris Low is not drinking the garnet Kool-aid.

Team most likely to disappoint: South Carolina. Nobody’s predicting the Gamecocks will have a lousy season, but history tells us they probably won’t live up to those grandiose expectations in the Palmetto State.

Gamecocks extra tough on defense | The Clarion-Ledger
The USM offensive coordinator majored in Poor Mouth at the Lou Holtz University. Minor? Applied Puntrooski-nomics.  


Game Day Parking Timeline | Spurs Up
Spurs Up has your game day parking timeline.


USC splits on weekend | The Daily Gamecock
The No. 13 Lady Gamecocks (3-1) dropped the first contest of the weekend 1-0 to Louisville on a penalty kick. Goalkeeper Molly Patton notched her third shutout of the year against Ohio on Sunday, though, and the Gamecocks won 2-0.