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The Daily Feed // 09.01.10

I'd like to start off with a small discussion of's recent decision to move toward a membership model. Their decision went live as of yesterday, and now fans of the South Carolina Gamecocks have few places to turn to for free sources of actual journalism around the web. I certainly understand the reasoning behind their switch to a pay-to-play model, but I still can't help but feel a little betrayed - both as a fan and a blogger.

As a fan, I've become accustomed to consuming free media regarding my beloved gamecocks - whether that media be over the internet, on the radio, on the tv, or through the free newspapers provided around campus. Frankly, paying for something that once was free is a tough pill to swallow - even at the low (low!) price of $50 a year. I've never paid a price other than an emotional one to follow the Gamecocks, and I don't intend to start now.

As a blogger, the timing of The State's decision comes at a particularly troublesome time since we are in just the second week of our "Daily Feed" feature. In short, I no longer have a crutch to rest upon when school, work, or personal life apply pressure to the time I have allotted for blogging. However, my dedication to covering the Gamecocks stems from the intersection of my reverence for the written word and my love of all things Gamecock, so I'll endeavor to do my best to put of The Daily Feed in a timely and comprehensive manner.

Will's effort be successful? I don't know, but the abundance of college coverage pay sites around the web suggests that it has a better than average chance. Then again, one has to wonder how much Gamecock fans will be willing to pay for the constant barrage of word-poo that Ron Morris flings our way.  For my part, I hope to continue publishing "The Daily Feed" as a one-stop-shop for free Gamecock news from around the web, but as sources for those reports dwindle I'll need your help to locate them. If you come across an article that relates to the Gamecocks that you think other fans would enjoy, please share it with me so I may pass it along to our garnet brethren. Thanks for your help. And now, onward!

Steve Spurrier's Weekly Press Conference Quotes & Video | Gamecocks Online

Steve Spurrier sat down this afternoon for his weekly pre-game press conference. If the quotes below don't match exactly to the ones linked to, it's because I first watched the video and fastidiously copied the quotes down before realizing the AD had done the hard work for me. Bear with me here, I'm still learning. Of course, if I had just taken the AD's word for it, I would have missed this gem directed at Ron Morris:

"By the way, I wanted to ask you who you wanted to play at right guard this game. Got any ideas? Oh, OK. Ron knows more about who should play quarterback than I do, so I wanted to know if he knew more about who should play right guard. Ah, but anyway…" 3:55

And it doesn't end there. More after the jump.

"But we don’t want to rotate series. But getting back to two quarterbacks. I know some of you here know a lot more about coaching quarterbacks than I do. You’re not supposed to jerk ‘em in and out of the game – it hurts their feelings and all that. But of the 8 conference championships that I have been fortunate enough to coach those teams, four of those 8 we used two quarterbacks." 14:48

Spurrier did have some nice things to say in his presser - most notably for kicker Spencer Lanning.

"Spencer Lanning, I can’t say enough about Spencer. He may be one of the toughest kickers you’ll ever see. In the weight room he’s one of the best lifters Coach Fitz has said. And he really has kicked beautifully in preseason. Not only field goals and extra points, but his punts… he’s at the top of his game right now. And hopefully it continues. Hopefully he didn’t peak in preseason. But he makes virtually everything in practice each day." 17:12

Spurrier also mentions that Shaq Wilson and Antonio Allen will not play Thursday night due to hamstring issues. Byron Jerideau will be out as well due to a rib issue. And in Tuesday's edition of Carolina Calls Coach Spurrier confirmed that Brian Maddox would get the start while Miles and Lattimore would get their share of carries later in the game.

Game 1 Preview USC vs. Southern Miss Golden Eagles | Leftover Hot Dog
LOHD previews the Southern Miss game and rightly pinpoints "Brown vs. Gilmore" as the marquee match-up of the game.

2010 Best Case/Worst Case Breakdown – Defense | The Rubber Chickens
TRC continues its best/worst case scenarios prior to the season. In particular, I like the progression from "Worst Case" to "Wally Burnham is a Tool Case" and finally back to "Worst Case." Good story arch.

Sidenote: does anyone actually miss Tyrone Nix?

Weslye Saunders to miss South Carolina Gamecocks' 2010 opener | ESPN
This isn't really news, but it is from a news source. So that gives it credibility, right?

Gamecock Quintin Richardson to Transfer from South Carolina to Hampton University |
Richardson has had a tough few years at USC. He came to USC as a 4-star recruit but has always found himself in trouble of some kind or another. Marijuana, injuries, stabbings, and now alleged domestic violence have all plagued Richardson at some point. Richardson released this statement:

"I want to first thank the University of South Carolina for the privilege of an education. I also thank Coach Spurrier and his entire staff for the opportunity to play football in front of the country's greatest fans. Next, I thank the doctors and trainers who have shown me tremendous care and compassion. Lastly, I thank my teammates and all Gamecock fans for the encouragement they have shown me throughout my time at the University - you have made my time as a Gamecock the most rewarding experience of my life.

"Therefore it is with appreciation and sadness, but also with hope, that I say goodbye to my time as a student-athlete at USC. I will be taking my friendships and memories to Hampton University, where I will continue to pursue my degree and football career. I ask you for your continued support, as I will continue to wish the best for a university and family that I love."

No doubt crafted by some slick lawyer, but a nice sentiment none-the-less. Here's to hoping he can straighten things out at Hampton.

Legends Live in Loyal Fans | The Daily Gamecock
A sweet, if not cloying, tribute to a couple great Gamecocks.


Gamecocks Soccer: Cougars Figthing Gamecocks | Leftover Hot Dog
Looks like the match between the South Carolina and College of Charleston got a bit chippy. I didn't watch the game, but what I can tell from the video the Gamecocks are doing their share of antagonizing as well. Personally, I don't think the team has performed well enough in recent years to warrant this kind of heady attitude from our players.


America (Spencer and Steve are both captains)