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The Daily Feed // 09.28.10


Sorry, folks, but all I have for you today is a link dump. My student life will be interceding in my blogger life quite a bit for the next two weeks.


Kratch: No quarterback controversy for Spurrier, Gamecocks | The Daily Gamecock
The Daily Gamecock has really stepped up its game this year. They didn't produce articles one tenth as good back when I was an undergrad. Anyway, James Kratch reminds us all that Connor Shaw coming in for Garcia in the fourth quarter isn't as big a deal as we're making it out to be. Good stuff.

Due to a Glitch, Gamecocks Drop in Rankings | Leftover Hot Dog

Gamecocks Podcast: Talking Auburn, 'Bama and QB Issues on Episode 17 | Leftover Hot Dog

Post-Auburn Stream of Consciousness Reflections | The Rubber Chickens

Notes from a Rainy Monday: Gamecocks Fall in AP (again); Bama Game Time (Sorta) | Spur of the Moment