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Quick Saturday Thoughts

We got a few previews of what our opponents would look like today. Here are some of my quick reactions.

Georgia Bulldogs

I won't talk about them too long, as we'll be doing plenty of that over the course of the week. The Dawgs looked quite solid. Their defense gave up next to nothing outside one big play, and Aaron Murray looked like a real playmaker. Murray did make a couple of freshman-like throws that ULL wasn't able to make him pay for, which won't be the case if he does it against us. But overall, a promising performance for UGA.

Florida Gators

This is being reported heavily on a national level, but it's worth reemphasizing that the Gators' offense looked like garbage yesterday. Don't let the score fool you--Miami had a chance to win this game if they had played their cards right in the third quarter and could have punched it in the endzone instead of settling for FGs, and just about any team with half a pulse would beaten the Gators yesterday. I'd be chomping at the bit to play these guys if I were Tennessee.

Urban, by the way, was up to his old tricks yesterday afternoon--taking timeouts and throwing long balls late in the game against an inferior opponent.

Kentucky Wildcats

The stat sheet suggests that Kentucky moved the ball quite effectively against Charlie Strong's defense. That's got to be promising for them.

Tennessee Volunteers

UT was eating major cupcakes yesterday, but they looked good doing it.

Vanderbilt Commodores

Although they committed the unspeakable crime and lost to a Big Ten team, Vandy didn't look too awful against Northwestern. They had several chances to win this one but couldn't make the plays when they mattered. The offense looked night-and-day better than it did last year, but that could be because of the opponent.

Alabama Crimson Tide

No surprises here--the Tide looked just fine.

Auburn Tigers

Auburn's offense looked just as great as some have predicted. Their defense, though, looked like swiss cheese against a crappy opponent. The jury is still out on these guys; their offense can help them win some games, but if they're going to be elite, that defense is going to have to get better.

Arkansas Razorbacks

Cupcake city here. Next.

LSU Tigers

I would be worried right now if I were a Tigers fan. They had a couple of big plays in the second quarter that proved to be the difference, but the offense still looks inept and the defense managed to make T.J. Yates look good at times. That's not good, especially against a team that has been decimated by the NCAA. There's just something that's keeping these guys from realizing their potential. That something is probably Les Miles.

Mississippi Rebels

LOL. But they'll still beat LSU. Watch them.

Mississippi St. Bulldogs

Looked good whipping Memphis. Mullen seems to be making a lot of progress in cowbell land.