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SEC Deal or No Deal, Mid-season Review

With South Carolina's season at the midway point, it seems like a nice time to revisit the preseason SEC Deal or No Deal.  Obviously, everyone played out the season.  It's time to see which teams chose poorly, which teams chose wisely, which are so up and down, Vincent van Gogh appears even keeled and well-adjusted in comparison.

I'll take a look at the original offers this morning, and make new offers for each team's remaining games this afternoon.

South Carolina 1 and 2: After staring into the abyss for a couple hours last Saturday evening, I have regained a little perspective.  We still have a chance at a better season than either of these offers (9-3, 8-4, other details).  Who could have seen this comingYou have chosen wisely.

Florida: I think it is safe to say that most Florida fans would gladly take 11-2 and the Sugar Bowl at this point.  You chose... poorly.

Georgia: Despite putting together consecutive strong games (hopefully on their way to four straight), Georgia's Rocky Mountain Low means the 8-4 offer is now a best case scenario.  Also, while Aaron Murray looks like a great quarterback, I wouldn't count on him as SEC Freshman of the YearYou chose... poorly.

Tennessee:  The Vols reportedly spent their off week getting back to basics, but it will not help.  They aren't going 7-5, 4-4.  You chose... poorly.

Kentucky:  Kentucky can only stop running backs who do not run, but they are still on track to do better than 6-6, and possibly much better.  You have chosen wisely.

Vanderbilt: This is the one that I missed badly on.  I don't know why I offered Vanderbilt a 4-8 season as a plausible outcome.  They beat Eastern Michigan and Ole Miss, but lost to LSU, Georgia, and UConn by a combined 86 points.  The fact that they "control their own destiny" in the SEC East is only an indication that they haven't yet played South Carolina and Florida.  You chose... poorly.

Alabama: Since the best they can hope for is now 12-1 and a BCS appearance, I think they would gladly take the offer, even with a loss to Auburn thrown in.  You chose... poorly.

Auburn:  Though their offense seems to consist solely of watching Cam Newton run around and through people, they still have a shot at a much better season than 9-3.  You have chosen wisely.

Arkansas: Mathematically, the Hogs could still go 10-2 and win the West, one game and one spot better than the 9-3 and 2nd offer.  Even though it feels wrong to say it: You have chosen wisely.

LSU: This joke would not be nearly as funny if they were losing.  They don't want my 9-3.  You have chosen wisely.

Ole Miss: How bad are things in Oxford?  They lost to Vanderbilt at home, and that is only their second worst loss of the year.  At least that mascot thing turned out alrightYou chose... poorly.

Mississippi State: The Bulldogs beat their eastern brethren, and won in the Swamp.  Dan Mullen scoffs at my paltry 6-6 offer.  You have chosen wisely.

It shouldn't be surprising to anyone that's been paying attention to learn that four of the six East programs would gladly "accidentally" unplug the season and start over, while four of the six out West are walking in high cotton relatively speaking.  At the midpoint, I think any dispassionate observer would be shocked to see whoever comes out of the East escape the Georgia Dome with a victory.