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The Daily Feed // 09.06.10


Welcome Back Gamecock Expectations | Saturday Down South
Steel yourself, Gamecock fans. Actual hope may be afoot.

Since I began following the Gamecocks, the season opener has always been exciting but it has never been fulfilling.

You said it, brother. Andrew Phelps tells us why it's OK to be just a little giddy after our performance on Thursday.

It's Georgia Week For The Gamecocks |
The Gamcocks should be healthier for Saturday's game against UGA, but exactly how much healthier is still unknown. DJ Swearinger, Rodney Paulk, Antonio Allen, Terrence Campbell, and Ladi Ajiboye should all be healed up - at least somewhat - by then.

Unfortunately, it looks like Shaq Wilson will miss his second consecutive game this season. The statuses of Jarriel King and Chris Culliver are still in question, as is that of UGA star wide out A.J. Green.

"I don't think (Green's status) will affect our preparations all that much," Spurrier said. "But as we've learned, we probably won't know if he's playing until Saturday morning. Maybe Georgia won't know if he's playing until then. Sometimes they wait until the last day to tell you who plays or not. We may not know until Saturday about our guys either. They just tell us who plays and we have a go at it. That's the way you have to operate."

Spurrier also continued his praise of Steven Garcia.

"He did get rid of the ball much better than he ever has," Spurrier said. "Only one time did he peek at the rush because he wasn't sure if we were protected. Overall, he stayed in there and threw the ball. He had a few free guys coming at him and in the past he would take off running and try to juke them. He would usually take a sack. But he was able to get the ball out of his hands, which was a big reason we were able to get a few rushing yards. "He seemed to be thinking through the play much better than the previous year."

I don't know about you, but I'm beginning to feel cautiously optimistic about Saturday's game versus the 'Dawgs - and that's a bad thing.

USC football concerns eased after NCAA rulings, rout | The Post and Courier
Hopefully we're just about to wrap up all this NCAA nonsense. As noted, USC thought it might be without as many 12 players for Thursday night's game. For some reason, though, the NCAA singled out only Jarriel King and Chris Culliver. King responded well to the benching, Culliver did not.

Upset with the decision, Culliver changed out of his uniform and left Williams-Brice Stadium. King chose to stay, encouraging his teammates before and during the game. The former North Charleston High standout was one of the first players out of the tunnel, running out to the theme from "2001."

Gamecocks can see light at end of NCAA tunnel | Spur of the Moment
Travis Haney does some excellent work helping us sort out the statuses of all the Gamecock players. As Haney also notes, it's interesting that Wesley Saunders spent the first half of the game in the student section. Interesting - that's about the only word for it. Saunders also apparently believes he will still get to play at some point this year. Sure would be nice to have him back for the UGA game. And have a look at what else Haney has to say about Saunders.

Regarding the agent part, you saw the NCAA gave Marcell Dareus two games for his Miami trips. Don't make any assumptions for Saunders, based on that, I'm told. Saunders, I'm told, could be cleared altogether in the agent part. It's a distinct possibility. Again, if it weren't, would Saunders still be hanging out here?

If Wesley Saunders is truly cleared of virtually all wrongdoing by the NCAA but still had to endure this mess for over a month, well there is just no justice in this world. Sure, a certain amount of the trouble falling on Wesley's shoulder owes to no source other than himself, but making this kid go through hell for a month just because the NCAA caught a whiff of something it didn't like? That doesn't square in my book.

Gamecocks Marcus Lattimore Proves Worthy Of The Hype | Bleacher Report
Leftover Hot Dog pens an article for Bleacher Report. Even though Marcus Lattimore had just 54 yards in the Gamecocks' victory over USM, he's got all the intangibles to be a star.


USC shuts out Clemson |
The Gamecocks notched their fourth straight victory as well as their fourth straight shutout against the team from the upstate.


No. 19 South Carolina Draws Unbeaten Arizona State, 1-1 |

Junior Maria Petroni scored her first goal of the season and Kayla Grimsley grabbed her SEC-leading fourth assist of the year as No. 19 South Carolina (3-1-1) played Arizona State (3-0-1) to a 1-1 draw Sunday afternoon at Stone Stadium. The game was the first overtime match at Stone Stadium since South Carolina defeated Auburn 1-0 last season.


Browns activate Shaun Rogers | The Associated Press

More than three hours after submitting their cuts to the NFL's offices, the Browns announced that Rogers moved a step closer to returning to the field and that defensive back Larry Asante (fifth round) and defensive lineman Clifton Geathers (sixth round) were released.

Emphasis mine.


Big win equals big savings | Spurs Up

The Monday Morning Moneyback offer from the University Bookstore at the Russell House allows all fans to get a discount equal to the number of points the Gamecocks win by on the following Monday. The offer is good for one clothing or giftware item and the discount is capped at 25%.

Like you needed a reason to go out and buy a USC soap dish or Gamecocks Silly Bandz.