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Tennessee Volunteers Scouting Report: What to Watch for When the Vols Have the Ball

3. Tauren Poole

Lost amid Tennessee's season to forget is that junior tailback Poole is quietly having a very nice season. He's on pace to break 1000 yards for the year and is averaging 5.5 ypc. That's pretty good considering that most teams go into playing the Vols knowing Poole is their best threat to do some damage.

2. Youth

Tennessee entered the season with some nice talent on the first string, but their second string is composed almost entirely of underclassmen, including on the offensive line. After getting slammed with injuries throughout the season, the Vols are staring the possibility of having to play some kids who are no where near ready for SEC play. At one point in the second half against Alabama, the Vols had several true freshmen in the game on offense. That should tell you most of what you need to know about the Vols' struggles throughout the season.

1. Carolina's Pass Rush

I was very happy with the amount of pressure we put on Larry Smith last week. Although Smith was generally able to use his feet to avoid the sack and get rid of the ball, we were able to disrupt him early and often. With it's young offensive line, Tennessee presents a prime opportunity for us to put the pressure on, and Matt Simms / Tyler Bray aren't going to be quite so nimble as Smith.