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The Daily Feed // 11.17.10

Who says Garcia doesn't slide?
Who says Garcia doesn't slide?


Steve Spurrier Weekly Press Conference Quotes & Videos | Gamecocks Online
Tuesday presser quotes and videos.

On winning the SEC East:

I really wanted to come to South Carolina one reason because they had not won much since 1969. Everything was out there to do for the first time. It was neat to accomplish that.

SEC Football Insider: South Carolina, Auburn Wrap Up Championship Game Berths |
This Brandon Larrabee character seems to be really high on the Gamecocks.

Their fourth will be the most meaningful for South Carolina, because it will finally bring their SEC East title drought to an end. Down year or not for the division powers, the Gamecocks should be applauded for finally breaking through and achieving something that they have not been able to do even in other subpar years for the East.

Trojans still hoping for Sun Belt title, preparing for Gamecocks | Dothan Eagle
Don't forget folks, there is actually another game this weekend.

October 26, 2010 | Inside the Chart
Andy Demetra takes an interesting look at offensive line coach Shawn Elliott.

Urban Meyer Reacts | The Rubber Chickens
Seeing it live was that much sweeter.

Reinstate #88 Music Video | Reinstate 88
At the risk of bringing up news long since passed, I submit for your viewing pleasure the Reinstate #88 music video. This was to funny not to share with the Daily Feeders. (Fair warning, there is one instance of explicit language.)

Gamecocks in the NFL |
David Cloninger takes a look at what former Gamecock heroes are doing in the NFL.



Gamecocks nearing signee capacity | The Post and Courier

With 24 football commitments in hand and several highly regarded prospects remaining on the board, South Carolina is having to notify some players it had been recruiting that there won’t be room for them in this class.

This is a good problem to have. It may stink to have your offer rescinded from an FBS school, but it's better than having your scholarship rescinded. Such is the way of major college football.



SEC Bowl Projections: Week 11 | Leftover Hot Dog
Carolina to the Outback Bowl has been a popular pick. I just don't see us going to the Outback Bowl for a while after our last experience there. The Outback officials were pretty pissed about our turnout, and I think USC fans are a little tired of heading to Tampa. I'd rather go to the Chick-fil-a bowl, personally.




Battle for your blood | The Post and Courier
In case you didn't already know, the annual Carolina-Clemson blood drive is this week. Whether you do it for a free t-shirt, to beat Clemson, or just to satisfy your good deed for the year, be sure to donate this week.

Proper Fan Behavior--Display of Flags and Magnets | Shakin The Southland
It needed to be said. Some of this stuff is getting a little out of hand.

Title game tickets not a cheap score |
I am seriously rethinking my vow to attend the game. Hopefully I'll win a student ticket and the issue will be moot. Worth noting that the University only receives only 15,900 tickets to a game which seats around 77,000. The rest go to corporate sponsors and big wigs of the SEC. USC's allotment breaks down thusly:

How USC split its allotment of 15,900 tickets for the SEC championship game, according to the school’s ticket office. The allotment was gone by 11 a.m. Monday. Gamecock Club members: 11,500 Students: 1,500 Faculty/staff: 800 Athletics department/board of trustees/president’s office/other university needs: 2,100

SEC championship gear flies out the door |
If merchandise sales are any indication, SEC Championship game ticket prices are about to sky-rocket.



Quick Look: Duke and Coastal | The Daily Gamecock
The Gamecocks will find out soon who their opponent on Sunday will be.