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The Daily Feed // 11.24.10


Steve Spurrier Weekly Press Conference Quotes & Videos | Gamecocks Online

On what he expects to see from Clemson defensively

I'm sure they'll have a bunch of guys at the line of scrimmage to stop our running game and try to stop Marcus (Lattimore). We may need to throw a little bit more or a little less. You never know until the game gets going. Starting out against Georgia, we didn't think we'd run 37 times, and against Florida we didn't know he'd run 40 times, but we got ahead. We know we have to run the ball. That's what we do best, but we also have to keep finding Alshon (Jeffery) and these other receivers when it looks good.

‘Spurrier Rap’ stirs controversy | The Daily Gamecock
I'm not sure if I can adequately express my admiration for the gumption the creators of this video showed in sticking to their vision. I can understand the University's not wanting to to appear to "endorse" the video, but the last thing the world needs is another cheesy faux rap video. These guys took a great idea and ran with it. Serious kudos to everyone involved with the project for not delivering another "Party in the UGA."

Administrators told the students the lyrics were too raunchy. They were also concerned with the burning of the Clemson flag and the perceived thug imagery of the video, according to Thompson. The duo agreed to make some slight modifications but refused to totally adjust the vision of the project.

That meant USC celebrities had to go. With them went Cocky and USC's cheerleaders.

"They even asked us to cater lyrics about the school and possibly mention the Darla Moore School of Business," Thompson said. "...

In case you don't know the video we're talking about, you can find it here.

Kratch: South Carolina has to beat Clemson | The Daily Gamecock

The excuses are out there. The game is at Clemson. The 6-5 Tigers will consider it their biggest game of the year. USC has a conference title game to prep for, just as Clemson had last year when it came to Columbia and left with a 34-17 defeat. Steve Spurrier often de-emphasized the end-of-year clash with Florida State when he was at Florida and making annual treks to Atlanta.

No excuses. Just win.

South Carolina vs Clemson Preview: The Palmetto State Rivalry | Saturday Down South
What the heck? How did they get a Clemson grad as their SEC Contributor for this week? Breaking down the CAROLINA game? What happened to that Andrew Phelps character?

As a Clemson graduate, it’s hard to say this but I think South Carolina takes this one but by the slimmest of margins… Clemson 20, South Carolina 21

Clemson Football: How Clemson Will Stand a Chance Against South Carolina | Bleacher Report
Has this happened this season yet?

Kyle Parker must also have a good game as the quarterback, and must make better decisions about throwing the football; his decision making has cost him a lot this season.

Gamecock defense gets ‘swag’ back | The Daily Gamecock

In the words of quarterback Stephen Garcia following Saturday's 69-24 victory over Troy, "The secondary got their swag back."

A Few Things for Which I Am Thankful | The Rubber Chickens
I'm thankful for victories over Georgia, Florida, and Alabama, the College World Series, and an SEC East Championship.

Gameday 411 | The Daily Gamecock
What you need to know for Saturday's rivalry game.

SEC Championship Game Schedule of Events | Spurs Up
Get started on planning your SECCG itinerary. You know, for the 12 of you that actually got tickets.




TE Owens down to Gamecocks, Wolfpack | The Post and Courier
Do I spy some irony in that thar Facebook status? I hope so.

Owens had set last Saturday as his announcement day, but none was made. He has not indicated when he will reveal his choice. "This is the hardest thing of my life," he posted Wednesday night on his Facebook page. "To run with a pack of wolves, or be with the chickens and be a (game)cock." Sources have indicated Owens has been leaning toward USC.



TRC SEC Weekly Bowl Projections (now with more initials) | The Rubber Chickens
TRC has not-South Carolina going to the Chick-fil-a bowl.

Plucking thoughts from a random Monday | Spur of the Moment
Travy surmises that we'll end up in the Chick-fil-a bowl. Of course, that's only if Arkansas beats LSU and Alabama beat Auburn. Those are two pretty big ifs.



Gamecocks ink 17 players during November signing period |
Seems to be a good class. Maybe even National Championship caliber.



Gamecocks Down USC Upstate, 57-41 | Gamecocks Online

Ramon Galloway scored 12 points and Lakeem Jackson added 11 to lead South Carolina to a 57-41 victory over South Carolina-Upstate on Tuesday night.



Staley's 2011 Recruiting Class Among Nation's Best | Gamecocks Online
We're gonna need it.

Gamecock 360: Samone Kennedy | Spurs Up
Better know a Gamecock.



Three Volleyball Signees Named Under Armour High School All-Americans | Gamecocks Online
We definitely need this. The volleyball team's win column has been an eyesore for quite a while.