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Scouting South Carolina at Florida: What to Watch for When Florida Has the Ball

3. Can the Gators Run the Spread Option against the Carolina Defensive Front?

The Gators, now that they're playing Trey Burton and Jordan Reed, have gotten back to doing what they do best--running the spread option. How will they do against us? It's hard to say because this will be the best option attack we've faced so far this year, but we've had enough success against mobile QBs and wildcat packages to make me believe that we can slow down Florida, too.

2. The Three QB System

Due to their inability to move the ball well when John Brantley gets most of the snaps, Florida has moved to a three-QB approach, rotating Brantley, Burton, and Reed. The results, so far, have been positive for the Gators, disproving the old adage that "if you have three QBs, you have no QBs." Steve Spurrier approves.

1. Matchup: Carolina Pass Defense vs. Florida Passing Game

One of the key's to this game will perhaps be whether or not the Gators can take advantage of the Carolina defense's glaring weakness, its pass defense. Florida has been more or less completely unable to consistently throw the ball downfield up until this point. What's going to give in this game? Will the Carolina secondary finally perform well against a woeful Gators' passing game, or will the Gators ring up some big passing yards against us, like our other opponents? The answer to that question is going to have a determining effect on this game. If we can slow down the spread option rushing attack, we can force Florida out of their comfort zone and into must-pass situations. The problem is that 3rd-and-long has been the bane of this team thus far this year. That needs to stop this weekend if we're going to win.