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South Carolina Secondary An Abomination; OBC Quit When Gamecocks' Hope Dwindled

I'm not going to individually bash amateur players on a forum such as this one, but the entire secondary consistently displays horrific cover skills, and our guys have been more out of place on many pass plays than a vegetarian at a meat eaters' convention.  The Gamecocks are fortunate to have a fine defensive front or I believe we'd have more losses to show for the unbelievable terror that our secondary is to the football team.  Lorenzo Ward's job should be on the line for what was exhibited all year long in the defensive backfield.  There's no excuse for the piss poor coverage we're getting out of what are supposed to be talented athletes.  I sit in the stands or in front of a television screen with my mouth agape at the spacing wide receivers are able to achieve against our secondary.  It's inexcusable and unacceptable.  When you compare this year's secondary to last, you really see only one difference - no Darian Stewart.  Was he the catalyst, the brains, that got our boys into the position they needed to be in?  Was he the answer man for the youthful questions that Gilmore, Holloman, and Whitlock surely had?  Something's up.  Perhaps I'm wrong to assume Stewart is the difference, but if not, what the hell happened? 

Some may disagree with this thought pattern, as I've had people look at me crazily when I say what I'm about to say, but it's a philosophy I believe in and I contend that the most intense competitors do also.  When you're getting defeated the way we were yesterday, you don't kick field goals down 49-14.  You try to score touchdowns.  You go for it on fourth down in all but the most ridiculous circumstances, and you might go for it then, too.  You don't play games to make the score look better.  You play to win.  And, if you're getting beat up and down the field, you don't quit.  You don't stop a relentless effort for victory until the clock stops, no matter how futile.  Sure, in all likelihood we were going to experience defeat last night, but by God you do not concede that defeat until it is forced upon you.  You throw, throw, throw.  If you score a touchdown, boot an onside kick.  Do it again.  Then do it again.  Do it til they stop you.  Do it til the clock hits zeros.  It's Jimmy V week on ESPN, and Steve Spurrier should have paid attention to the central message:  "Don't give up.  Don't ever give up."  Kicking field goals and playing second teamers is for quitters.  Utilizing my philosophy last night may have resulted in a 63-14 loss, or worse, but, damnit, I'd have woke up this morning knowing I didn't stop trying until it was time to leave the field.