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USC-UT and March Madness Open Thread

The Yardcocks are currently experiencing a rain delay; whether or not we'll play is TBD. If so, Tyler Webb and Stephen McCray (2-1 0.73) will start as the 'Cocks go for a sweep.

We can also chat about March Madness, which is truly madness at its finest this year. Northern Iowa's victory over Kansas yesterday has to be one of the most incredible, dramatic upsets I've seen in some time. It was an instant classic, the kind of game you'll never forget. I expect there will be more carnage today. My upset pick--as well as Flounder's--is Cornell over Wisconsin. As in their last outing against Temple, I really believe that Cornell is more deserving of the high seed than Wisconsin. Another game to keep your eyes on is Georgia Tech against Ohio State. I think OSU wins, but Tech is capable beating anyone on any given day. They're easily one of the most talented teams in the counry. Their coaching holds them back, but when they're on, they're on.