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Thursday News and Notes: Aramis Hillary, Clemson Spring Practice, and More

A few choice links for all.

Aramis Hillary May Transfer to Coastal Carolina. I neglected the news of Aramis's choice to leave the team yesterday due to lack of time. The news today is that he may go to Coastal to play for the Chants.

It's a shame that Aramis didn't pan out for us; he seemed like he really loved Carolina. For that reason, I wish him all the luck at CCU. I'm sure he'll thrive there, much like Tommy Beecher did at Liberty.

The question now is what this means for us. Losing QB depth is never a good thing, first of all. I doubt, though, that this will effect us too much as long as we never have to go too deep in the depth chart. A way that it might hurt us more, however, is that it makes it less likely that Steve Spurrier will redshirt Conner Shaw, if he planned to do so, that is.

Aramis's departure does say one good thing: he obviously sees the writing on the wall and recognizes that Shaw is Stephen Garcia's heir apparent. That says a lot about Shaw and what he might mean for our future.

Anton Gunn Not Among Representatives Calling Recruits. Gunn is a former Gamecock football player. His statements more or less echo mine: the board needs diversity, but David Weeks and Co. went about it the wrong way.

Shakin the Southland Talks Clemson Spring Practice. Wondering what Dabo and the Tigers are up to in the Upstate? The SBN Clemson blog has a thoughtful, level-headed take on it, as well as on how to understand the news out of spring practice in general.

Leftover Hot Dog on the Gamecocks Offense in Spring Practice. See what Flounder has to say about what's happening right now in Columbia.