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Monday News and Notes: Logan Gray Update and Aaron Hernandez Situation

I had hoped to discuss the Gamecocks in the NFL Draft today, but duty called (or, rather, catching up after a weekend MIA) and I was unable to find time to get to that. I hope everyone is willing to settle for the following news bites instead.

Logan Gray Update. Unless you live under a rock or in the parts of Pickens County that aren't wired, you've probably heard that Georgia Bulldogs backup QB Logan Gray is considering transferring. We now know that Gray has met with Mark Richt to discuss his future, but no decision has yet been made. Stay tuned on this one, folks.

My thoughts on this situation are that losing Gray would be bad news for UGA. Even if Gray wasn't going to end up starting, the 'Dawgs can't be looking forward to the prospect of heading into fall with only two scholarship QBs on the roster, one a RS freshman and the other a true freshman. That's not good on a number of levels.

I also wonder why Gray is pondering leaving. With Zach Mettenberger gone, why doesn't Gray think he has a shot? Is his arm so poor that he doesn't think he stands any chance of overtaking RS freshman Aaron Murray? If so, I find that strange, especially considering that Richt has suggested that Gray is certainly in the running for playing time this coming season.

Alligator Army on Aaron Hernandez Failing Drug Tests. Apparently, Gators' TE Aaron Hernandez fell as far as he did on draft day (he was taken in the fourth round after being projected as a first- or second-round pick) because he failed multiple drug tests while at Florida. Hernandez, of course, will lose out on millions of dollars due to his indiscretions.

What is also interesting about this story is that Hernandez apparently failed multiple drug tests while only missing, at most, one game due to suspension. The story is in keeping with the general theme of Urban Meyer's disciplinary approach at Florida, as Meyer has to be among the most lenient coaches ever to roam the sidelines in the SEC when it comes to disciplinary measures. The Gators folks will tell you that's because Meyer believes that taking it easy on his athletes is for their own good, and there may be some truth to that, especially considering what happened to Avery Atkins down in Gainesville. At the same time, though, you have to be suspicious of the motives of a coach that lets a player get away with half a dozen violations and only makes that player sit out a game against Florida International. That's not another kind of love; it's a self-interested denial of responsibility to his university and, I would argue, the player. It's true that Hernandez has himself to blame for losing out on millions of dollars, but it's also true that Meyer's "discipline" certainly didn't push him to watch out for his own interests. I mean, seriously. Couldn't Meyer have suspended him for a game against Vandy or something? Come on, Corch.