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Wednesday News and Notes: White Noise from Athens, Scheduling Woes in Tuscaloosa, and More

My apologies for again delaying the draft analysis, but with student papers to read and a dissertation prospectus to hand in by the end of the semester, I hope you'll forgive me for running behind. Here are some quick links to tide you over for now.

Get the Picture Slams the 'Cocks. Is it just me, or are these guys--and not just the Senator, but all of 'Dawg Nation--becomingly increasingly obsessed with us? Hmm. I wonder why that might be? Oh, yeah, right. It's because they're finally realizing that they're a lot closer to us than their supposed "rivals" in Gainesville. Suffering repeated 30-point beatdowns to said "rival" and repeated nailbiters and upsets against your supposed "inferior" will do that to you.

I'll go ahead and go on record and predict a win against them this year. It won't lead to a Division Title, but it'll still be sweet. More on that soon.

SEC Schedule Unlikely to Be Changed for Alabama. The SEC wants to help the poor Tide, but they're unwilling to force anyone to change their schedule. That means nothing will happen.

Shakin the Southland Covers the Tigers' Baseball Meltdown. Strange that after all the excellent Clemson teams we've beaten over the last few years, what's become an excellent Carolina team failed to win a series against what's become one of the worst Clemson has fielded in some time.