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Monday News and Notes: Baseball Rankings Update and More

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The big news today is the updated baseball rankings. As expected, the Gamecocks took a small fall after losing a series against an unheralded Kentucky Wildcats team. Collegiate Baseball has us at seventh, Baseball America at eighth, Rivals at ninth, and USA Today / ESPN at twelfth. We're also nineteenth at Boyd's World's RPI. Overall, we're still not in terrible shape to net a national seed, but we're probably going to need to win these next two series to do it, and that's not going to be easy.

A few other bits of news:

Powell catches as Athletics are perfect against Rays | GoGamecocks. You've probably heard by now that Oakland Athletics pitcher Dallas Braden threw a perfect game over the weekend against the Rays. The catcher? USC's own Landon Powell.

If it walks like a bye week, and it quacks like a bye week… " Get The Picture. If you thought you should pity Alabama's request for a schedule change, read this so you can change your mind.