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Friday News and Notes: More Expansion Talk and More

Good morning, everyone. The news today is that expansion talk is dying a slower death than expected. The bigest news is that the Utah Utes have joined the Pac-10, but that was expected. A little more surprising is that Jerry Jones is pushing for the Big 12 to expand back to twelve teams, apparently to protect his investment in a title game. One of the teams being floated around as a possible replacement is none other than our baconating brethren, the Arkansas Razorbacks. In light of these developments, Arkansas has pledged allegiance to the SEC, and since I enjoy our series with the Hogs, I hope they stay true to their home of the last 20 years. However, I suppose this is a situation to keep your eyes on until the Big 12 announces its two new members, so stay tuned. Here is some reading on the topic:

Arkansas Has 'Definitely Put Out Some Feelers' About Joining Big 12 -

Arkansas Back to the SWC? Um, No Thanks. - Arkansas Expats.

Jerry Jones To Big 12: You're Not Done Yet - From Our Editors -

Once in the Pac-10, can Utah win? - Salt Lake Tribune. Now that Utah is headed for the Pac 10, just one question: Can the Utes compete in their new league? As Utah coach Kyle Whittingham has often said, the Utes record speaks for itself.

What's next for the SEC? - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN. The Florida St. Seminoles apparently wanted in the SEC. Interesting.

A couple of other bits of news:

Jared Henry - Yahoo! Sports. The Gamecocks picked up a commitment from DB Jared Henry. Henry didn't yet have any offers from the major programs, although he was garnering interest from Florida, Georgia, and Notre Dame. He does appears to have all the right measurables, so he looks like a good pickup. Welcome aboard.

Two Gamecock Baseball Signees Choose MLB Route. Leftover Hot Dog on the futures of some of our baseball signees.