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CWS South Carolina vs. Clemson Game Two Open Thread

The Gamecocks take on Clemson tonight, with a chance to play in the College World Series Finals on the line. The winner will face the team that emerges from this afternoon's TCU-UCLA game.

After the win last night, something that a commenter said in one of the threads really hit home for me: whatever happens in this game tonight, you have to be very proud of the way this Carolina team has responded down the stretch. This is a team that a lot of us have come close to giving up on over the course of the year. A lot of us thought they wouldn't do much after losing series to East Carolina and Clemson early in the season. Over the course of our successful run in the SEC, a lot of us thought, despite the mounting wins, that the team wasn't built for success in the post-season because of hitting woes. A lot of us thought that our abortive attempts in the Florida series and the SEC Tournament proved that. Yet, the team has bounced back to being within a game of playing for the national title. Like all truly great teams, it's playing its best ball when it matters most. This is going to be a team that we're going to remember for a long time, and we should, with pride, savor each remaining game, starting with tonight's game against our rivals. In sum, Ray Tanner has yet again given us one of the best teams in baseball, a admirable team that's fun to root for.

Go 'Cocks.