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Weslye Saunders Under Investigation by NCAA

Uh oh, folks. Just when it seemed like the off-season might go off more smoothly for us than it has for some of our Eastern Division rivals, this comes out:

South Carolina tight end Weslye Saunders confirmed Sunday that he recently spoke with NCAA investigators in connection with a probe of the North Carolina football program.

Saunders, considered one of the top tight ends in the country, is close friends with Tar Heels defensive end Marvin Austin, who was also recently questioned by investigators.

Another source who has visited with Saunders said Sunday the NCAA is interested in time Saunders spent with Austin in South Florida this spring and who paid for hotel rooms and travel.

This is still developed, so you can still keep your fingers crossed that it'll go off OK. However, I'd say at the least say it's looking very likely right now that Saunders has compromised his eligibility. Let's just hope that this is an isolated incident. More to come.