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The Daily Feed // 09.16.10

There's no "Wesley Saunders" in TEAM.
There's no "Wesley Saunders" in TEAM.


BREAKING: Saunders dismissed from team | Spur of the Moment
That's that. Wesley Saunders is now dead to me. Hopefully Justice Cunningham will break the trend of woefully disappointing tight ends at USC. I think this is the right decision considering all that Saunders has put this team through in the last few months. If we're going to do anything in the East this year we're going to need players with a team first attitude. I thought this tidbit was particularly interesting:

Players were staying at the hotel for a negotiated $450 a month, but Saunders was the only player not sharing a room with a teammate.

$450 a month split two-ways is quite a steal, and also explains how the players were able to pay off their over-due balances so quickly. That quote also reinforces Wesley Saunders' image as a "me first" guy. Just a darn shame when you get right down to it.

Gamecocks Practice Wednesday | Gamecocks Online
Saunders out. Ingram in?

"Most of you probably already heard Weslye Saunders is not a member of our team anymore," continued the Head Ball Coach. "That's about all we need to say about it. We wish him the best in whatever he does after here. He's on scholarship through the year and hopefully he'll stay and graduate." BREAK

Coach Spurrier confirmed that defensive tackle Melvin Ingram worked out some today at tight end. "He's sort of an offensive talent - he can catch, run, throw, he can do all that stuff. He can do it all."

Pass Rush Adjusting To New Talent |
A good read on why our pass rush hasn't been all that impressive and how the defense is adjusting to the loss of Eric Norwood.

10 Questions for Week 3 of CFB | Leftover Hot Dog
LOHD has questions and wants answers.

A Worrier’s Lament | The Rubber Chickens
TRC doesn't think you should get too comfortable.

Bill Shanks: Georgia has hit mediocrity |
Just your average reactionary article after a Bulldawg loss. The game this guy and T. Kyle King watched must have been leagues apart. I'd still go to Dawg Sports for my UGA football analysis, but I thought I'd include this just to note that The State isn't the only newspaper that hates its hometown college football team.



University of South Carolina Freshman: 6'5" Brian Richardson is a Sharpshooter | One Entertainment
Check out newly minted Gamecock, Brian Richardson. The kid looks like he can shoot, but what really impressed me was the play at the 16 second mark.