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Georgia at South Carolina Post-Game: Initial Thoughts

I'm going to have a couple more post up tonight and tomorrow reviewing this game. There are some things about our performance that I think stand for scrutiny, particularly if we're going to compete for the SEC East. We weren't great today.

But we were damn good. Anytime you beat the Georgia Bulldogs, a program that is, by anybody's reasonable estimation, one of the great ones, you deserve to pat yourself on the back. And maybe to enjoy a bit of what it feels like to win a rivalry game--and I doubt even the most condescending UGA fan would deny that what happened today pumped this rivalry up a bit.

With that said, I want to focus on a few things that I heard said about us by some Bulldogs. I'm not going to name anybody, or do any direct quotes. This is about the general feeling about us that some of these guys expressed, and it's about the fact that we're better than what they--and many of us--thought we were. It's about hopefully being ready to arrive. I should, to confirm the approach i'm taking, say that some Dawgs were very kind and respectful this week. The guys from Dawg Sports, AuditDawg...all of those guys got that we might be good this year, and I appreciate that. For once, I think I'm going to wish the Dawgs luck because they were so cool this year. But I also want to indulge in this moment, so here goes.

--Marcus Lattimore averaged less than 4 ypc against USM. If anyone thinks he's better than Washaun Ealey, they're crazy.

--Anytime Carolina beats Georgia, it's an upset.

--Georgia is more talented than Carolina. The Dawgs win unless they have worse than a -2 TO margin.

--Mark Richt has never lost in Columbia, and he never will.

--Spurrier will never embrace a running-based offense. He's done and he'll never adapt to the way the game has changed.

All of those things were wrong. There's reason to believe this year, folks. I didn't think this was the best we're capable of, and that worries me as far as our chances of supplanting the Gators. But we got a big, big win today--Go 'Cocks.