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The Daily Feed // 09.14.10



SEC Football Players Of The Week - 9/13/2010 |
No surprises here. Marcus Lattimore is both the co-offensive player of the week and the freshman of the week. If you ask me, he should have had the offensive player award all to himself.

Breaking down Lattimore's afternoon, carry by carry | Spur of the Moment
And speaking of Lattimore, I think he is still running somewhere. This is really all you need to know.

The final tally: 38 touches, 198 total yards. 29 broken tackles. 127 yards after first contact.

(H/T: Year2)

Garcia admits hesitation in win over UGA | The Daily Gamecock
It's not news that Garcia's day wasn't quite as good as Lattimore's. And he knows it.

"I believe I hesitated a few times today. The one I overthrew to [Jason Barnes] was a terrible throw," Garcia said. "I’m going to be ripped for that on Monday in the meeting."


Deep Analysis: Georgia vs. South Carolina | Team Speed Kills
Year2 goes deep on Georgia vs. South Carolina.

3. Just how good is South Carolina?

It's not a national title contender, even in the 2002 Ohio State model. It's marginally a BCS contender, in the 2009 Iowa kind of model. Through two weeks, it looks like it would take some magic for it to beat Alabama in Atlanta.

I'd agree with that. The key to our season will be actually improving as the season moves along.

Johnson: Shaq Might Play Against Auburn |

South Carolina Gamecocks Football vs Georgia Field Report | Leftover Hot Dog
Miss our big victory over the 'Dawgs? LOHD's got your back.

Gamecocks Podcast: Talking UGa and FU on Episode 15 | Leftover Hot Dog
LOHD with your weekly podcast.

Furman Week – Please, No | The Rubber Chickens
I think a 27-24 Carolina victory has a much higher probability than tbone is giving it.

South Carolina-Alabama Football Game Sold Out | Spurs Up
A win over UGA will do that.


Baseball Itinerary in Washington, DC | Spurs Up
I don't care what your politics are, meeting the president is cool. Really cool.