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The Daily Feed // 09.02.10

What day is it? It's GAMEDAY!


Year 6 Begins: USC-Southern Miss Preview |
Scott Hood provides you with one last preview to get you through the day.

South Carolina-Southern Miss: Five Gamecocks to Watch | Bleacher Report
Pretty good read - except his #2 Gamecock to watch is actually two Gamecocks.

Wait continues for NCAA news. Right? | Spur of the Moment
Travis Haney wonders (aloud) if the USC athletic department isn't keeping something from us.

What if South Carolina already knows which players aren't available and just hasn't chosen to release that information?

Hey, man. Anything is possible. Haney figures Auguste and and Whitlock to be out for sure with Jarriel King, Terrence Campbell, and Ladi Ajiboye likely as well. None of this is confirmed, mind you. He's also heard that the players would sit the USM and Furman games, but be eligible for the Georgia game. That report sounds dubious to me.

Gamecocks to use Zone Blocking Scheme in 2010; Let’s Explain It | Leftover Hot Dog
LOHD drops some knowledge on you about Coach Elliot's zone blocking scheme. I know I'll have an eye trained on the offensive line on Thursday night - if for now other reason than so goes the line, so goes the Gamecocks.

Despite Distractions, Gamecocks Poised for Another Bowl Season | Free Times: The Side Line
I've not been a fan of the Free Time's sports coverage in the past, but James Harley puts together a quality read here.

Tennessee is working hard to join the Wildcats and Commodores in the East division’s bottom floor, though it may take another year of self-destruction for them to achieve this status. We should be able to help them in their determined quest by handing them a quality loss in October.

I couldn't agree more.


Gamecocks take on ASU | The Daily Gamecock

Coming off a 1-1 finish in the Gamecock Courtyard Cup, the No. 19 [Lady] Gamecocks (3-1) will look to continue to use home-field to their advantage when they take on Arizona State (2-0) Sunday afternoon.

USC soccer begins year against CU | The Daily Gamecock

The men’s soccer team will open the regular season in style Friday night, as the Gamecocks take on archrival Clemson at Stone Stadium. Carolina is looking to build off its win in the preseason against the College of Charleston, while the Tigers enter the regular season with a 1-1 preseason record.